It's Papertrey Ink release day and with that I have some news...
Giveaway Winner and sharing some watercolor...

A big THANK YOU + Giveaway Time!

First of all, a huge thank you for the outpouring of kindness from all of you on Monday's post about my leaving Papertrey Ink.  I felt like you all wrapped me up in a big giant virtual hug!  💓 Thank you so much, it means the world to me.  Thank you for listening and caring.  

Also, this blog isn't going away!  I have absolutely no intention of shutting it down or walking away.  I hope I didn't give that impression in my post.  I don't plan to stop crafting or stamping...pretty sure I could ever give that up, it's just part of who I am! 

So, feel like having a chat?  (this new prospect of no deadlines is completely new to me, so you might get more of this from me...popping in here for random ramblings...😁) I've been thinking about so many things, like this hobby of ours.  Why do you do it?  What motivates you?  There are a lot of reasons for me, but mostly this (courtesy of AGAAGG)...

That, and I like to buy craft supplies.  😊

And give people stuff I make.  ❤️️

Oh, and I like to buy art supplies, which is totally different than craft supplies. 😉

I also like doing crafty things with other people.  It gives us something do to while we eat snacks. 🤗

What about you?  What's your main reason for crafting, stamping, all that good stuff?  Do you just like being creative?  Do you do it for the giving aspect, or more for your own creative enjoyment?  I want to hear your creative story!  

Leave me a comment, and let's do a giveaway while we're at it!  I want to celebrate the years I spent designing product for Papertrey Ink by doing some giveaways.  I started doing regular release products (not kits) consistently starting in 2015, with a few sets released late in 2014 .  This giveaway includes nearly all of my regular-release stamp sets from that design year (Fab '15 - Jan '16 + the few I did in late 2014).  I am missing a few sets from the February release of that year, so those will not be included.  This was the year of the Petite Places, the Quilted seasonal series, Brushed Blooms, and so much more! (please note there are NO dies included in the giveaway, it's just stamps!)



  • Leave a comment, telling me your crafting story - I want to hear why you love it!
  • Comments close on Monday, Jan 21 at midnight CST
  • Shipping is included in the giveaway for US residents.  If you are outside of the US and wish to enter, you will be responsible to pay any shipping amount over $14, via Paypal if your name is selected.  I will contact the winner with details.
  • One comment per person here on my blog
  • I'm also posting this giveaway on my Instagram account.  For extra chances to win, you can follow the instructions posted there.  
  • One winner total will be chosen from the combined entries here and on Instagram. 
  • Winner will be announced here on my blog and on Instagram on Tuesday, Jan 22!

Good luck!  Over the next few weeks we'll work our way through 2016, 2017, and 2018 with more giveaways!