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Post & Parcel Kit Release Delay

So what are the chances that at precisely the time we're set to release our big holiday kit with a postal theme, that it would be the post office that would fail us?  LOL!  

Turns out USPS had a server outage that lasted for about an hour and half, right at kit release time, which explains everyone got stuck spinning away on the shipping quotes page. 



I'm SO sorry!  I know it's frustrating and a huge disappointment!  Thank you everyone for your patience on the boards tonight as they worked to figure out what was going on.  The decision was made to take the kit down and push the release to tomorrow night (Sunday) at 10pm.  About 5 minutes after that decision was made, the server came back up.  Some of you managed to get your orders to go through - when the server came back up, your spinning order went through.  

No worries - since they pulled them off the site, there are lots of kits still available.  They will go up on the Papertrey Ink site tomorrow night, Sunday, October 2, at 10pm ET.  And let's hope for no more server outages.  USPS, PTI, or any of your other favorite acronyms. :-)

Thanks everyone for your excitement over this kit!  I know you're going to have so much fun with it!