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Good Friday morning!  The weekend is nearly here!  Hopefully that means some extra crafty time for you.  I have a fun post for today.  There are few things I enjoy more than playing with color.  When I was a kid, I used to sit with my box of crayons and play around with layering and mixing different colors.  I would color a circle, and then color over it with a different crayon to see how the colors blended.  I would fill entire notebook pages doing this!  Sometimes the results were really awful, and other times a beautiful new color was born!  A discussion on the Papertrey forum the other day prompted me to remember this childhood activity, and made me want to experiment in the same way with my stamps and ink pads.  What a fun experiment!  I’m excited about all of the new colors I discovered, and how easy it was to expand my rainbow of Papertrey colors.  You can do the same...making new colors or filling in holes in your collection of ink pads. 

Before I go any further, I want to mention that you'll need some sort of stamping alignment tool such as a stamp press or a MISTI to do this technique, unless you're amazing at being able to stamp multiple times and line everything up!  I am not, so for all of my examples I used my MISTI to make multiple impressions and layer the ink colors.  

Before I started any projects, I pulled out some plain white cardstock and just experimented with mixing different colors.  I created a couple of "cheat sheets" so I could remember which colors mixed well and what they looked like.  Here are my two cheat sheets -- the flowers on the end of each row were stamped using just one color, and each one is labeled with its Papertrey color name.  The center flower was stamped twice - once with the ink color to the left of it, and a second time using the ink color to the right.  You can see how mixing the colors results in a totally new color!  Some of my favs from this sheet are Limeade Ice and Summer Sunrise (top row), which turns into a zingy chartreuse color.  Another favorite was Harvest Gold and Hibiscus Burst, which combine to make a coral that's a little more on the orange side than our Berry Sorbet. 


And here's my second sheet - lots of greens, blues, and purples here.  My favorite from this sheet is the bottom row - Aqua Mist combined with Spring Rain, which creates a beautiful blue color, unlike any ink pad in my collection!


Of course I had to put this idea to use on a couple of projects.  First up, I pulled out my Bloomin' Cute set and just had fun stamping the flowers and mixing ink colors.  I created a cluster of them in the upper right corner of a panel of watercolor paper that was brushed with a bit of Aqua Mist reinker.


I added a few rainstones and also the "enjoy" sentiment from the Bloomin' Cute sentiment die collection.  I finished it off with a Pretty Frame Cover Plate scalloped frame, cut from Aqua Mist cardstock.


Here is a diagram that shows all of the color mixes used in the flowers!  Click on the image to view it larger if you need to.  Some of the colors were stamped just by themselves, but there's lots of color layering going on here, too. Some colors take on a completely new look, depending on what you stamp them over.  Blueberry Sky turned into a lovely shade of darker purple when stamped over the purple-y flower just above the word "enjoy".


1-new makeit

For my next project, I wanted to create a rainbow of butterflies. I used 6 different ink colors on the butterflies, and expanded that to 12 different shades by layering the colors, creating a whole rainbow. I diecut the Cover Plate: Bitty Butterflies from white cardstock, then stamped them with a mix of Hibiscus Burst, Summer Sunrise, Harvest Gold, Green Parakeet, Spring Rain, and Winter Wisteria inks.  


For the background, I stamped some Circle Scribbles in gray ink, then used an ink blending tool to sponge the same ink colors I used on the butterflies. I splattered a bit of water on the sponged ink. I arranged the butterflies, kind of following the circle scribbles.  The "hello there" sentiment from the Scripted set was stamped in black ink.


Here is a color chart that shows which ink colors were layered to create all of the different shades.


1-new makeit

 Is this something you think you'd be interested in trying?  I had fun with it, and I'll be keeping my cheat sheets handy, and probably even adding on to them for future use.  It's just another fun way of expanding what you already have!  

Thanks so much for stopping by, we'll see you back here next week -- have a great weekend!