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Today is the big day!  Feels like it's been in the works forever, but it's finally time to reveal all of the details of this year's big holiday Make It Market Kit called All Through the House.  There are actually two kits - the main All Through the House kit contains ONLY the stamps, dies, and patterned papers. The Trimmings kit contains all of the little extras (NO stamps or dies -- just trims and embellishments and lots of fun stuff). Both kits will be available for purchase beginning tomorrow, October 1st at 10pm ET from the Papertrey Ink website.  

All of the items in the All Through the House kit are exclusive to the kit, with the exception of the patterned paper, which will also be available separately tomorrow night when the kit goes up in case you'd like to purchase an extra pad.  There is a complete kit content list at the bottom of this post.  

I always put together an inspirational Pinterest board for the full kits, so of course there is one for the All Through the House kit too.  It's filled with alls sorts of matchbox ideas and some fun vintage artwork that helped inspire the look of the kit.  You can see it HERE if you'd like to check it out.  I'll also be posting all of the team projects there for easy reference.

Where to begin?  I have so much to show you today!  

Let me start by talking about the staple item in the kit.  The entire kit concept was based on a simple matchbox.  I think I'm safe in saying that the matchbox die included in the kit will become a staple in your crafting arsenal...not just holiday crafting, but all through the year.  I've already used it SO much...before I was allowed to show you any sneaks or projects, I was already wanting to reach for it!

So let's take a look at this Matchbox, which really isn't just a matchbox...there are companion dies in the kit that will allow you to turn that simple matchbox into ornaments, gift or treat boxes, gift card holders, and more...and of course there are ways to use those companion pieces to create tags and cards as well.  Here's a video I put together, which shows the basic matchbox assembly, as well as some of the fun options for using it in a variety of ways. 


So let me get to the projects!  First, let me show you a set of three gift card holders I created using the matchbox.  There are several pre-printed matchbox "wraps" included in the paper pad in the kit so you can just cut and go!  This first one features a trio of arched windows.  There is a die that cuts just the window openings so that you can reveal a scene inside the matchbox.  Here I cut the openings on all three windows.  You could leave them solid if you wanted a more enclosed box.  


The pre-printed wraps create a slider for the matchbox base and feature designs that wrap around all sides of the box, for a finished look.  Of course you could do something very similar with the stamps included in the kit if you need to mass produce several of them.  


Here you can see how the box base slides out from the wrap.  There are a variety of different pre-printed scenes in the paper pad that can be used inside the box to show through the windows.  I chose to use this cute santa scene.  I also cut a pre-printed santa and popped him up for a little dimension.   Notice the little ribbon tab on the inside, left side of the box...


That ribbon tab pulls up that panel to reveal a gift card tucked below. The printed panel is attached to a scored piece of patterned paper, which is adhered to the bottom of the box, so the scene lifts open like a book inside the box, with the gift card sandwiched between the layers, hopefully that makes sense!


I created a few more of these gift card boxes with the same concept in mind, but with different scenes.  The paper pad features lots of different "outside" or "inside" scenes for the wraps and inserts, allowing you to mix and match and create lots of different looks.  


This one has a house on the outside, with the window looking in to a scene inside the house.


This one features the same ribbon tab concept, which pulls up to reveal the gift card.  The "a gift for you" sentiment was stamped above the fireplace using the stamp set included in the kit.  The pretty blue velvet ribbon used for the tab is found in the Trimmings kit.


And here's one more, using another one of the pre-printed wraps and some pre-printed diecuts.  But again, you could re-create similar designs using the stamps and dies from the kit.


And here's the inside view of this one.  I think it's a fun way to present a gift card -- in a box can be kept and displayed!


Next I wanted to show you a few other styles of matchboxes, which would be perfect for holiday gift cards, small gifts, treats, etc.


These are just very simple, classic matchboxes.  Super quick and easy to put together - perfect for when you're in a pinch and need to wrap up a small treat or gift card quickly.


I diecut the matchbox base and wrap from cardstock and assembled.  I added a wide eyelet and ribbon pull to the end of each one using the eyelets from the Trimmings kit, as well as green velvet ribbon and metallic baker's twine from the trimming kit.


Each one is topped off with a pre-printed panel from the All Through the House paper pad.


My next set of boxes uses the fancy rectangle tag that's included in the kit to create pretty tops and bases for the boxes.  


There are so many ways to use this fancy rectangle tag die, which I think you'll see as I go through the rest of the projects in today's post!  It's a slider tag, a frame, and a topper for the box...all in one die!  Here I diecut just the outer fancy rectangle, without cutting out the optional inner rectangle.  After cutting it, I also ran it through my machine with my embossing mats to get the embossed detail to really come through.


I slipped some of that gorgeous wide red and white chevron ribbon from the Trimmings kit through the slits that the fancy rectangle die cuts, and tied it into a knot to secure them to the top and bottom of the box.  I didn't adhere anything, the ribbon is just holding it all together, but you could definitely adhere the bottom one to the base of the box if you'd like.  Each one was topped off with a pre-printed scene from the paper pad, but you could definitely stamp your own design on the top as well.


The next project I want to show you is the ornament that appeared in my original peek of the kit a few weeks ago.  It features the matchbox turned into a pretty framed shadow box.  It uses the matchbox base along with the fancy rectangle die combined with the plain rectangle die to create a frame for the box base.  This one uses one of the pre-printed frames from the paper pad.


One of my favorite things from the Trimmings kit are these little street lamps!  They are the perfect size to put in front of the house.  I embellished it with a stamped/diecut wreath and bird from the stamp set in the kit.  I added the optional snow diecut to the rooftop and coated it with glitter.


The entire ornament has a nice finished look to it.  I added some of the blue velvet ribbon from the Trimmings kit to the top by threading it through two of the wide metal eyelets, also found in the Trimmings kit.


Next, let's get a little crazy with the contents of the All Through the House kit, along with some of the fun things in the Trimmings kit, shall we?  I don't know if you remember from last year's big kit, but I mentioned that I always do something fun and special for our Christmas Eve table.  It's the one time of year that we go all out...fancy china, goblets, silverware properly arranged (instead of just tossed in the center of the table like a normal night - lol!).  I wanted to share with you this year's special little place cards for each guest...lighted mini shadow boxes!


Yes, lighted!  The trimmings kit includes some small battery operated lights, perfect for adding to your creations.  There are four lights included in each Trimmings kit, and they will be available for purchase from the Papertrey Ink store individually as well, in case you'd like to have more.  These small lights fit perfectly inside the lip of the shadow box base.  A bit about the lights - the manufacturer rates them as 12+ hours.  That being said, I tried a few by starting them up and leaving them on my kitchen counter.  There is an on/off switch, with three settings - fast flash, slow flash, and steady.  I found that they stayed lit on the steady setting for about 40-48 hours before any noticeable dimming took place. Please note that this was my experience, and may vary.  Again, the manufacturer rating is 12+ hours.  The batteries and bulbs are not replaceable.  If you wish to replace the light once it burns out, you will have to replace the little light in its entirety, which can be done easily if you take that into consideration when designing your lighted pieces.  I talk about that a bit in the video below.

Here's the video I put together, which shows how to create one of the lighted shadowbox ornaments...


I created three different styles of the shadowboxes, each with a different scene filled with fun details. My family was rolling their eyes at me while I was constantly coming out of my craft room to share my excitement as I was having such fun putting these together. Look at this!  It lights up. It lights up!!! Ok, mom. Cool.  haha.

This one has a lighted fireplace, which was created using the stamps and dies from the main kit.  The tiny artificial wreath, scalloped trim, faux snow, and cute wooden mouse are all part of the Trimmings kit.  I diecut the fire/logs from vellum and stamped the fire with Orange Zest and Pure Poppy inks.  I also diecut the fire/logs from white cardstock.  I stamped the logs with Dark Chocolate ink, trimmed away just the logs, and adhered them to the vellum fire.  This kind of gives the effect of the fire glowing, with the light shining through the vellum!


The second one features the large house image from the kit.  I also added the lamp post and wreath to the outside of the house, as well as the optional snow diecut on the roof of the house.  You could do these for other seasons as well, if you omitted the snow and added different details...wouldn't a fall scene be pretty?  Just change up the colors and maybe add some pumpkins to the front instead!  


Inside the house I put a diecut and stamped tree from the kit, which is visible through the window cut-outs.  I added some fake snow around the base of the house.  All of the little name tags on each were printed with my computer/printer and diecut with the oval in the Jar Labels II die (not included in kit).  I also stamped them with the greenery/berry image from the All Through the House stamp set.


My third style of shadowbox contains one of the pre-printed trees from the paper pad, which I diecut and placed inside the shadow box.


It also contains a tiny dimensional present, which was created using some dies that are also in the kit!  There are some pre-printed gifts in the paper pad that can be diecut and then embellished with two different styles of toppers.  There's even a tiny little tag that can be added to the presents!  I also strung some pom-pom tinsel from the Trimmings kit across the front of the shadowbox.  


Here's a video I put together that shows all of the details of the tiny present die collection included in the kit...


The little present is super fun.  Tiny and cute.  :-)  Here are some gift tags I made using it.


I used one of the tags from the Tremendous Tags die set as my base (not included in kit) and stamped each with the "a gift for you" sentiment from the All Through the House stamp set.  I used the pre-printed gifts from the paper pad, which already have the band and topper printed on them, but I added another topper popped up with foam for and extra touch. You could do them from other patterned papers as well.  These would be adorable for birthdays too, done in different colors!  


The little presents would be cute to use inside the clear domes/tags that Papertrey carries, too.  I was intending to do just that on this next project, but then it just kind of took a different direction.  :-)  This is a fun interactive jar topper that would be cute for presenting candy, hot chocolate, or anything else you might put in a jar. 


I started by diecutting one of the pre-printed santa/sleigh images from the paper pad (or you could choose to stamp, as there are stamps for it in the stamp set).  I diecut the santa/sleigh again from plain paper and sandwiched a small spring between the two layers (hot glue worked best for this).  Then I hot-glued the other end of the spring to a Scene It Basic Backer diecut (not included in kit), which I had already cut a small hole in so that I could add one of the little lights.


I stamped the "a gift for you" sentiment, added a few of the tiny presents, and a bottle brush tree and snow from the Trimmings kit, as well as some glitter (glitter not from kit).  It's just a cute project that you can't help but's fun to bounce santa back and forth on his spring!  Plus, the light up detail just makes it even more special.


Here's a shot of the jar lid.  I just glued the Basic Backer diecut to the jar ring, which allowed me to place the light on the underside of the diecut.  The lid for the jar is left separate -- this way you can replace the light down the road if you wish.  You can also see my bit of orange transparency, which helps to give my light a warmer glow -- or you can also color the lens of the light with a permanent marker if you want to change the color.


My next project might be one of my favorites, ever.  I've shared with some of you that I've been learning the art of needle felting.  It's basically the process of taking raw wool fibers and molding or sculpting them into shapes by stabbing them with a special needle.  Do a Pinterest search, or watch some videos on Youtube if you're not familiar with needle felting (but warning, you might be hooked on another hobby you don't have time for - lol!)  I'm sort of fascinated by it!

There's nothing I love more than being able to combine my different hobbies and interests into a single project!  I've been making some little needle felted mice and I decided that the matchbox would make the perfect home for one of them.  The outside of the matchbox is pretty simple -- I diecut the box base from Pure Poppy carstock and the wrap from Aqua Mist.  I stamped the window frame with Ocean Tides ink, then diecut the window openings. I added some of the scalloped red adhesive trim from the Trimmings kit across the top, and added a ribbon pull using items from the Trimmings kit.  I stamped the "wishing you" sentiment and added a few diecut and stamped sparkles.  


The little needle felted mouse is nestled inside the box.  He looks like he's just arrived for Christmas Eve dinner, gift in hand! The backdrop of the box is a pre-printed panel from the paper pad.  Of course I had to add one of the little lights to the upper lip of the box to really bring it to life.  


I put some of the artificial snow from the Trimmings kit inside the bottom of the box...


 The little present die from the kit is the perfect size for him to hold.  His scarf is made from a strip of Aqua Mist felt, with a few of the pom-poms from tinsel/pom-pom trim included in the Trimmings kit added to the ends.  His vest was just cut from a scrap of knit fabric (I keep my kids' t-shirts from camps, summer rec, etc to use for this kind of stuff!) 


The light is added to the upper lip of the matchbox.  I added a diecut sparkle/star to the spot where the switch is located to guide the recipient for turning it on/off.


Next I have a few different kinds of tags made with elements from the kit.  First off, you can use the large house image from the kit to make some adorable lift-the-flap tags.  These were diecut from the paper pad, but you could do the same using the stamps from the stamp set.


All I did was diecut the pre-printed houses from the paper pad.  The large arch window was cut using another die from the kit that cuts only the outer edge of the arch and scores the left side to create a flap.  I diecut another house from plain white cardstock and stacked the two, stamping the "to/from" sentiment from the stamp set under the flap. I punched a hole in the top and added some of the metallic baker's twine from the Trimmings kit.  I love how cute these look!  


Next is a set of stamped slider tags using the fancy rectangle die as the base, and the plain rectangle layered over the top.


I added stamped and diecut images to build a scene on each tag.  Along the bottom of several of them I used the In the Meadow hill dies (not included in kit).  I added a strip of candy cane striped paper from the kit paper pad through the slits on the side of each tag base, making them easy to attach to a gift.


Of course I couldn't leave you today without showing you how the elements from the All Through the House kit are right at home on cards, too.  This first one features the large house stamps and dies from the kit to create a pretty scene.  


I started by blending some Aqua Mist and Tropical Teal inks on a panel of white cardstock.  I also stamped a few of the "sparkles" from the stamp set onto the background using Aqua Mist ink for a subtle look.  Then I took my waterbrush and just tapped some water droplets onto the sponged ink and let them set until's a fun way to create a pretty snowy background!  I placed some In the Meadow hill diecuts (not from the kit) along the bottom and nestled the house between them.  The window cut-outs were backed with vellum.  The snow diecut on the roof was coated with glitter.  The trees were stamped with Spring Moss and New Leaf inks.  I also added the lamp post and tiny cardinal from the stamp set.  I stamped the "wishing you" sentiment, along with the smoke from the chimney.


The sentiment is finished on the inside of the card, where I used the same background technique.  I added another diecut hill and this time perched a couple of the smaller house images from the stamp set on top of it.  I added smoke to their chimneys as well, and stamped the "holiday cheer" sentiment.  I added a strip of striped paper from the kit along the top.


My next card uses the fireplace image from the stamp set along with the stockings and santa boots.  The fancy rectangle die from the kit is perfect for cards too - I love building scenes inside that pretty shape!


The stockings were stamped and hung by the chimney with care.  The fireplace was stamped with Soft Stone ink.  The Santa boots are designed to be placed inside the fireplace to look like santa's coming down the chimney...he might get a little warm, though!  :-)  There are even a couple of little mice images in the stamp set that can be added to the scene...although the mice really aren't supposed to be stirring! ;-) 


My last card is an interactive card using the house image and the die that cuts the window into a flap.  I placed the house inside the fancy frame, stamped the smokey coming from the chimney, as well as the "wishing you" sentiment.  The house was simply diecut from the paper pad.


Under the flap is a cute little diecut pre-printed snowman from the paper pad. 


Did you make it all the way to the end of the post?  There was so much information to take in!  

To see what the other girls created with the kit contents, be sure to hop around to their blogs...

Just to recap, the All Through the House main kit and Trimmings kit will be available for purchase beginning tomorrow, October 1st, at 10 pm ET from Papertrey Ink.  As per our usual kit policy, if the kit should happen to sell out within 24 hours of its launch, the kit will be opened up to pre-orders.  Below is a complete list of contents for both kits.


All Through the House stamp set                           
All Through the House die collection
All Through the House: Base die collection
All Through the House: Frame die collection
All Through the House: Box Top die collection
All Through the House paper pad

Total Retail Cost: $115
TRIMMINGS KIT CONTENTS (please note the slight change in kit contents and pricing, due to a manufacturer shipping error)
Petite LED Lights, set of 4
Miniature Cardinals, set of 2
Miniature Wooden Mice, set of 3
1" Miniature Sisal Wreaths, set of 3
1-1/2" Miniature Sisal Trees
Miniature Lamposts, set of 3 set of 2
Small Silver Knobs,set of 6
Cotton Snow, 0.75 oz.
Wide Eyelets, one whole package
3 yds. 1-1/2" Red Twill Chevron Ribbon
3 yds. Red Shimmer Baker's Twine
1 yd. Parrot Green 1/8” velvet ribbon
1 yd. Red Scalloped Trim
1 yd. Light Blue Velvet Ribbon
1 yd. Red/Silver Pom-pom Trim
1 yd. Silver Tinsel Trim
Total Retail Cost: $50 $49

There will be a limited number of these exclusive kits available, so be sure to get yours on Thursday! The "All Through the House" Kit will be available for sale beginning on October 1st at 10pm ET, only at Papertrey Ink. Read all the details on Nichole's blog or contact Customer Service with any questions.