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It's time to party!  The Papertrey Ink 7th Anniversary celebration is officially underway.  I am so excited to be joining the team for another year.  Papertrey feels like home to me and I'm happy to stay right here.

Nichole asked us to share some of our favorite projects from the past year.  You can see some of my favorites in the graphic at the top of this post (in no particular order).  One thing I favorite products must be word dies and cover plates!  I've also been sensing that my style has been changing and evolving, especially in the past year and it was even more apparent as I looked back through my work - my style has begun to feel a little cleaner, a little simpler.  I don't think I'm ready to call myself CAS, but things are definitely evolving...and I have to tell myself that that's ok.  It's more than ok.  It's a good thing.  And I love how Papertrey products can adapt to any style...when someone so clean and simple like Maile can rock the same set of products as shabby-queen Melissa, you know they've been well-designed.  

I'm excited about the things that the coming year has in store for Papertrey and I hope you will be too...there are so many things to be revealed in the next hold on!

Of course no Papertrey party is complete without oodles of contests and prizes, right?  They're already underway!  Check out Nichole's blog for a new contest each day from now until the 15th.  But that's not all!  Something new this year...there are contests just for our forum members.  There's a special board HERE with lots of fun contests (and prizes of course!).  I hope you'll play along.