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Papertrey + Paper Quilling...


Quilling has been around for centuries, and it sort of fascinates me.  It is a true art form.  It seems to be making a resurgance of late. There are some absolutely stunning examples on Pinterest.  I have created a quilling board where I've collected some of these images - you can see it HERE.  

I have never quilled before, but seeing as my personal goal for 2014 is learning new skills, I decided it was time to give it a try.  Let me just say that Youtube is a wonderful place.  :-)  I've decided you can learn to do just about anything by watching Youtube videos.  There are lots of great ones out there that will show you the basics of quilling...just do a quick search and you'll come up with lots of beginner tutorials.

I decided it might be fun to pair stamping with quilling.  Many of the quilled examples I've pinned show elaborate scenes -- I'm definitely not ready for that, so I used my stamps as a sort of guide or pattern for creating my quilled designs.  

My first card features the Embroidered Blooms stamp set.  I simply created some quilled flowers and leaves to embellish the stamped leaves.  


These are simple rolls - a quilling basic, and very easy to create.  I used strips of paper from the Papertrey Pattern Packs.  I cut my strips at about 1/8".  I'm guessing this paper is a little heavier than if you were to purchase actual quilling strips, but it worked fine.  You can use just about anything to wrap the strips around to create your rolls - a needle, paper piercer, end of a paintbrush, etc...chances are you have something in your tool box that will work.  The smaller the object, the tighter roll you'll be able to acheive.  Also, the longer the strip, the larger the flower/roll will be, of course.


1-arrow supplies

My next card uses these same rolled flowers and leaves, this time paired with the Mini Bloom stamps and dies.  


I diecut and stamped the leaves and flowers from Mini Blooms, then layered my quilled leaves and flowers over the top.


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While looking through my collection of stamps to use for my projects, I came across the Scrolling Script set and thought it would be perfect for this technique.  I used the scrolls around the sentiment as a loose placement guide for my quilled pieces.


This time I used strips of cardstock -- I wasn't sure if that would work since Papertrey cardstock is very thick, but it did work out ok.  The one thing I like about the cardstock is that it's colored on the edges, unlike the patterned paper I used above, making my quilling a little more colorful.  Oh, and I stamped a little Quilled Elegance along the top and bottom edges of my card front...maybe someday when I'm feeling a little more adventurous I'll try filling in some of the elements from that set with actual quilling - I think that would be so pretty!


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My last card features the Fancy Flourishes set.  This was actually the first card I created of all of my quilled cards today, but I probably should have saved it for last, after I'd had a little practice, as it was definitely the trickiest!  


I used the flourish as the guide for placing my quilled strips.  What makes this one a little more difficult is getting the strips to stay in place (it's much easier to adhere a rolled piece since they're pretty solid and you can just add some adhesive to the backside).  Strips are a little trickier.  


I put down a blob of liquid adhesive, about the size of a quarter, on a scrap of acetate, then loosened up the roll a little before dipping it in the adhesive.  You'll need to find a glue that works well for you - something quick drying so it will hold everything in place quickly.  I used my favorite liquid adhesive, which is Scrappy Glue.


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Thanks for stopping by today and letting me share my little side venture into a different sort of paper crafting.  It was super fun and I hope you give it a try - link me up if you do!  
Have a great weekend!