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Welcome to the first Stamp-a-Faire challenge for the day!  We have a lot in store for you today.  Going along with the kitchen theme this year, the team is sharing some ideas for tea-staining different materials.  When Nichole aksed for ideas for different tutorials for this topic, I immediately thought of using the same dying technique, but with a different medium...Koolaid!  The process is very much the same, but the results are very different.  Instead of the vintage look that tea-staining will give you, Koolaid will give you vibrant, sherbety colors.  


Everything in the photo above started out white or cream...Vintage Cream felt, Rustic Cream twine, and watercolor paper (you could also use plain white cardstock, although it might warp a little more).  I put together a quick video explaining the process I used, and here's a card I created from the materials I dyed.  


I especially love how the felt turned out!  The Papertrey felt colors are beautiful and bright, but if you want a softer look, this is perfect for that!


Here's my video...


Be sure to check out Nichole's blog for all of the other amazing tea stainig techniques and for details on how you can enter your own project into this challenge.

See you back here in a bit for the next challenge!

Other:  Koolaid, watercolor paper