Shape Up Snowman & Tremendous Treats: Christmas

Work in progress..

It's been a little quiet around here, sorry about that!  I spent the entire week cleaning, purging, sorting and organizing in my craft room.  I'm still not finished, but it is to the point where my work space is clear enough that I can at least work on some things!  I'm really itching to get to creating again...going through my stash of supplies always has that effect on me. :-)

Since I don't have a project to share tonight, I just thought I'd pop in and share a few of the things I've been working on organizing in my room.  Hopefully I can share a few more pics's definitely a work in progress.  I have most of my cubes organized and set up.  For the last day or two I've been working on sorting through my boxes of small embellishments.  I had all of my brads and buttons sorted into those divided plastic boxes, but I decided to take the plunge and dump all like things together into jars.  gulp.  I might end up hating it and paying my kids bukoo bucks to sort them all out again, but we'll see. So far I think it's good.  


Most of what went into these jars were basic supplies.  Assorted buttons, plain brads, my little Doodlebug bottles of glitter and flock.  I keep decorative brads and those sorts of things in their original packaging and file them in baskets.  My Papertrey buttons have their own storage unit, sorted by color.  I diecut the labels from Chalkboard vinyl and wrote on them with a white water soluble pencil (actually meant to mark dark colored fabrics when sewing).  This pencil doesn't rub off as easily as chalk would, but it does wipe off with a damp cloth so I can change the writing on the labels if I change what I put into them.  I love these wire baskets which I stubled across at Walmart.


One of my main goals with this re-do is to make my room pretty but still functional.  Since I spend a lot of time in here, I want it to be homey and cozy.  But, since my room is very small, those pretty things also need to be functional.  I love pretty things, but if they get in the way while I'm working, they will quickly drive me crazy and end up in the trash heap.  Here is a vintage suitcase which I dressed up with some patterned papers.  I filled it with all of the little scraps, diecuts, and doodads that don't end up getting used on my projects.  One of these days I hope to sit down and challenge myself to create only with what's in that basket.  I used to do this quite a bit and haven't had time to do it lately, hence the overflowing contents.  :-)


After I posted the picture the other day of my work in progress, a few of you have asked about the paint color.  I actually painted the room 4 years ago when we first finished it off and I still love the color, so I didn't repaint.  I am going to have to dig out the can to do some touch ups, so when I do, I'll let you know what the color name is.  Right now it's in the back storage room which is, at the moment, suffering from the overflow of my craft room reorganization.  ;-)

Have a great night and a restful Sunday.  I'll be back tomorrow night to kick off the October Papertrey release!  I can hardly believe it's that time again!