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Card Making 101 Blog Hop -- Creative Crayons

Hello there!  My fellow Paper Crafts Go-to Gals and I are are hosting a little blog hop today in honor of the back to school season.  School doesn't have to be just for kids...we should never stop learning, right?

Today we are all using Bo Bunny products, but each of us also selected a technique to feature.  For my technique, I decided to play around with crayons...what can I say?  I've got school supplies on the brain.  If you have kids, or grandkids, or kids in your neighborhood, or even if you've ever just happened to bump into a kid on the street, you probably have a basket or tub or drawer that looks something like this:


The crayons, markers and colored pencils seem to mate in that drawer...I swear they are multiplying!  So for today's technique, I pulled out a few crayons to play around with. 

Do you remember creating rubbings with crayons when you were a kid?  I remember sitting in church rubbing over the embossed letters on the hymnal...until my mom would nudge me becuase it was making a bit too much noise.  hee.  That idea was my inspiration for today.

Since crayons are waxy, I thought they would be perfect for doing a resist technique combined with some embossing folders.  I created the backgrounds on these two cards by embossing the background, then rubbing over it with a white crayon, and then rubbing over it with some distress inks...it's a subtle yet pretty effect.  I will show you some step-by-step photos in a bit.


All of the papers and embellishments I used here today are from Bo Bunny's new Blitzen collection...which is so very pretty and wintery.  


The background paper I used here started out as a cream color...after rubbing the white crayon over the embossing, then inking with Fired Brick and Broken China distress inks, this is the result.  It's hard to see in the photo, but in real life the raised portions also took on a bit of shine from the wax of the crayon, which adds to the effect.


There are lots of possibilities for this technique...dark crayons over light paper, light crayons over dark paper.  You could also use spray mists instead of ink...which I tried and was pretty fun too.  


I used lots of chipboard snowflakes from the Blitzen collection to embellish this card.  


Here are a few easy step-by-steps if you want to play around with this idea for yourself.

Step 1:  Emboss your design using an embossing folder or impression plate.  I used the Cuttlebug Snowflake folder here.  After embossing, leave it in the folder with the design still alligned.  Choose a crayon color...I found good old Crayolas worked best...other off brands are too waxy and don't rub off smoothly.


Step 2:  Peel the paper off of the crayon and rub over the design with the length of the crayon (not the tip).  It's hard to see in the photograph since my paper is cream and my crayon is white, but just be sure to cover all of the embossing with the crayon.  Leaving it in the embossing folder while you do this step gives the embossing something solid underneath for the crayon to rub on and prevents it from getting in between the raised portions.


Step 3:  Ink over the embossed design with distress inks.  When you're finished, take a dry paper towel and rub over your paper -- this takes off the excess ink from the waxy portions of the embossing, making your embossed design pop.  


That's all there is too it... just a fun thing to play around with using supplies you most likely already have on hand.  Gotta love that.  :-)

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Unfortunately, Professor Anderson could not join us today as she had a run-in with Irene this past weekend!  

Thanks for stopping by!  All products are linked in the thumbnails below.