Happy Trails...
Feeling Fruity...

Laugh until your belly aches...

(and some winners for the Summer Card Camp if you scroll down a bit!)

You know...every once in a while you get lucky and you end up snapping a photo of one of your children in which their actions and expression perfectly capture their personality.  I got one of those lucky shots of Katie at her 4th birthday party last week.  This is pretty much her in a nutshell.  :-) 


I haven't shared in pics of my kiddos in a while, so thanks for indulging me.  :-)  

Now for what you really stopped by for.  :-)  I have some winners for the Summer Card Camp class!  As promised, I picked 3 winners.  

And the winning comments are...  Margie, Beth M., and Michelle le Breton!  Laugh!  Be happy!  In fact, laugh until your belly aches!  You won!  :-)  

Ladies, please email me using the link on the side bar!


And now for a card.  I was inspired by my daughter's shirt in her photo...it's one of my favorites of hers this summer!  I had a different card ready for today, but decided to toss this one together...we need some bright colors and sunshine on this rainy day!  In fact, it's hailing a bit as I type this (hit save, quick!!). :-)


I love to stamp, but once in a while it's fun to set the stamps aside and create something from the other goodies I have laying around my craft room.  I've been itching to use these adorable chipboard alphas from Bella Blvd.  They are so colorful and fun!  The insides of the letters (like the "o", "g", "a", etc.) are solid, so they are super fun to top off with buttons, etc.  


I printed the "...until your belly aches" portion using my computer and the Ransom font.  If you'd like to print if for yourself, I put it here for you.  Click on the graphic below to download a pdf of the sentiment.  



I also listed a few recent items in my Etsy shop...


I hope you're having a great Tuesday!!