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Hey there!  Have you stopped over at the Paper Crafts Connection blog yet this morning?  If not, head over there to see a project I shared there today!  I created some summery notecards along with a fun way to present them as a gift.  Hop over, check it out and leave a comment...I'll be giving away the set of cards to one commenter.



The fruits on the cards were created with basic circle punches and a little trimming.  I'm here to show you how, just in case you'd like to make your own.  Sometimes it's fun to pull out the basics and see what you can create.  :-)

Let's get started.  You'll need 1", 3/4", and 1/2" circle punches to create your fruits.  You could definitely go larger if you have larger punches.  This is what I have, so that's what I used.  :-)

For each fruit, this is what you'll need to punch...


For each fruit, I folded the circles in half and trimmed with my scissors.  I layered a few circles to give them dimension, then stitched down the centers of each.  This is how I trimmed (click on the images to enlarge them)...


Trim the top of the folded circle almost as if you're going to cut a heart.  Flatten the bottom portion just a bit.  Unfolded, it should look like the middle image.  Repeat with the smaller circle, layer and stitch.  Trim a top for the strawberry from green felt.  



I used three layers for the apple -- two red and one white to resemble the core.

Fold and notch the top of the circle, again, almost like the top of a heart, but not as much as the strawberry.  Flatten the bottom a bit.  Repeat with the smaller red circle and the white circle.  Layer and stitch down the center.  Add seeds and stem with a black pen.  Hand trim a leaf from green felt.



Oranges are pretty round, so just notch a little "v" out of the top of the folded circle.  Repeat with the smaller circle, layer and stitch.  Hand trim a leaf from green felt.




Lemons are more oblong, so start in about the center of the rounded edge of the folded circle and trim to a point at both ends.  Repeat with smaller circle, layer and stitch.  Add a hand trimmed felt leaf.  



So there you have it!  A fun and really very easy way to create your own summery fruit...all from the most basic supplies!  :-)

Here's the complete supply list for my project as seen on the Paper Crafts Connection blog