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Card Creations Cover, Tuesday Trigger and more..



Goliath. The newest member of our family.  Standing at approximately 4" tall and 11 weeks old, he is the sweetest little caramel colored Chihuahua. Tiny as can be, but all there


He was the runt of the litter and needed a home.  We are babying him along and he's getting lots of love.  He is Julia's little project...she is an animal lover through and through and she is old enough now that we know it's not a passing fancy.  She will take such good care of him.  He's been sleeping in her room, right next to her bed.  It's kinda like having a new baby at home - almost as much fun, and almost as much work!  We are working on getting him trained and he's doing awesome!  I've read that chihuahuas are hard to train, but so far so good!  Wish me luck...seems like I just got the little Katie-bug trained and I'm starting all over again!  :-) 

And now, for another introduction of the paper crafting variety!  Introducing....

Card Creations Vol 8! 


It's available for purchase here.  Be sure to join the party over on Paper Crafts Connection and Moxie Fab World all week long!  I'll have some fun posts here too, so stay tuned!