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April Papertrey!

Boys to men...

Welcome to the Papertrey countdown group post day!  This month's stamps are all about the boys in our life!  You know...those guys that have birthdays and all sorts of other occasions that require card-giving, but we'd rather just go buy a Hallmark 'cuz we can't fill them with layered flowers, ribbons, buttons and bows?  Well, we're here to help you with that!  Guy cards can be fun.  really.  I know, you're surprised. 

I'd like to show you a fun way to approach these male themed cards that won't have you scratchin' your head and might actually have you looking forward to creating them!  My solution when I get stuck on a guy card is to look at it from my normal design perspective, and then change up the products to make them more masculine.  It's a simple formula for creating masculine cards, all the while staying within your style. 

For example, while I'm creating a masculine card, I try not to get all hung up on the fact that it's masculine...I question myself...If I was making a regular, frilly, girly card in my usual style, what would I use? 

  • A ribbon? Well then wrap some jute.
  • A button? Choose a masculine, rustic, or matte finish button.
  • Would I love to put a flower here? Use a punched star instead or a leaf or other musculine shape instead
  • Am I tempted to add some glitter? Find a masculine form of shine...like a shiny embossing powder or metal accents like pewter or brass.
  • A gem? Use a brad with a masculine feel.

I made two cards for my post today using the new Enjoy the Ride set, just to show this concept in action.  I first created a girly version with all the bling, shimmer, glitter and ribbon my heart desired...



And here is the boy version...


Notice how...
The ribbon is replaced with jute.
The stamped flower images are replaced with the star images.
The glitter is replaced with a shiny red embossing powder.
The gems on the tail lights are replaced with masculine brads.
The swirly patterned paper at the bottom is replaced with plain cardstock.


I changed things up, but all in all, it's the same card design!  I challenge you to take a feminine card you have created and create a masculine version of it.  I bet you'll be amazed at how easy it can be!  

Now be sure to hop around to the other Papertrey girls to see their fabulous tips on creating projects for those men in our lives who just don't appreciate the value of a little ribbon and glitter!  

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