Gypsy girl...
Some smiles...

The eyes have it...

So.  Who's up for a good toddler story?  Don't think I've shared one here for awhile.  I've got a good one for you.  The other day my little trouble maker was hanging out with me while I was doing a little computer work.  She was right beside me, chatting away as usual.  All of a sudden she took off in a flash.  She was back about 30 seconds later when she proudly came up behind me and stuck her hand out to show me.  She had gotten ahold of a little stamper from one of the older kids.....a bright blue, self-inking star stamp.  And stamped her entire hand.  She was very pleased with herself.  Me?  not so much.  I said "Katie!  Don't stamp on yourself!"  That's when I turned around and she gave me the look.  Her charm and be charmed look.  Chin tilt.  Smile.  Blink, blink.  And this is what I saw...


It's a bad photo, but can you see?  She stamped her eyelids.  Yes.  I mean, even as a two-year-old, what was she thinking???  We figured at least she had the sense to close her eyes when she did it.  It was totally premeditated too....took her all of 30 seconds to find the stamper, stamp her hand until it was practically dripping blue ink...and then finish it off with a little eye color.  She thought she was totally cute.  She did NOT think it was so cute when we had to scrub it off hopefully that will deter her from applying anymore "eye enhancers". 

Ok...just had to tell you that...we're still giggling. 

I have a few cards tonight....first off, I had the pleasure of being the guest designer over at the Get Sketchy blog this past week.  

Get sketchy

I made two cards based on their sketch #11...


This first one uses some new October Afternoon goodies mixed with a little Cosmo Cricket.



And this next one uses Cosmo Cricket mixed with some fabric diecuts made with my Cricut and a Papertrey sentiment.


And since we're talking fabric with the Cricut, I made these little hairclips for my girls the other day.  I'm kind of obsessive about having matching hair bows or clips for their various outfits, and I made these to match a few of their fall things. Both girls have some apple Gymboree stuff and Julia has the cutest little corduroy jumper from the Gap that matches the butterfly clip. 


I used my Cricut to cut the fabric...just iron it on to Ultra Heat 'n Bond and cut away.  I cut two of the same images (one mirrored) and ironed them to eachother for a little added thickness and to give the backside a nice finished look.  Then just attach them to a plain little metal clip covered in ribbon, and you're good to go!  Such a fun little project....I'm going to need to make a few more I think.  :-) 

Ok...I told myself I was going to do NOTHING tonight...and here I am blogging.  I AM going to bed before 2 am tonight though...that hasn't happened for a while. Good night...sleep tight.