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Hey ladies!  Here is the tutorial for those 3-D ornaments.  Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!


Stamps: Vintage Ornaments and Additions
Ink: Raspberry Fizz, Aqua Mist, Sweet Blush (bulb ornament)
Cardstock: Vintage Cream
Other: Hibiscus Burst, White, Scarlet Jewel and Auqa Mist buttonsRustic Cream button twine, beads


Stamp the ornament image four times for each ornament you wish to make.  At this time also stamp and of the extra design elements and add glitter if desired.  I use a popcicle stick to spread a little liquid glue, then sprinkle with glitter.  Allow to dry.


Cut out each ornament.  Score down the center and fold. 


Now begin adhering the ornaments together.  I like to use my liquid glue because it lets me get into those tiny spots like the tips of the ornaments, but you can use whatever adhesive works best for you.


Keep going until you have all four ornaments adhered together.


 Note:  If you used liquid adhesive, let your ornament dry before moving on to this next step or you may tear your cardstock as you're pushing the needle through. 

Thread a needle with button twine.  Insert needle through ornament and thread bead onto twine.  Insert needle through other side.


Keep threading beads until all sides are beaded.  Knot thread and trim ends close to knot.

Note:  You can also use buttons for this step instead of beads like I did in the bulb shaped ornament at the top of this post.

Insert needle through top of ornament.


Thread jute through button holes.  I like to put a needle on boths ends of my makes threading it through the holes much easier.


Keep going until you have as many buttons as you wish, then top with a bead and knot at the top.


Done!  Fun and easy.  :-)  This also works for the other ornaments in the set...the bulb shaped ornament turns out really pretty too.


Enjoy!  Let me know if you have any questions.  :-)