Take Note Inspirations

Boys, boys, boys.....

and more boys!  It is my son's 9th birthday tomorrow and he got to have three friends overnight last night.  whew.  I had kind of forgotten that exponential noise factor that boys that age seem to have....I mean, it's not just noise x's more like noise to the 4th power.  And lots of giggling.  Don't forget the giggling. 

They had so much fun though.  We went took them to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and they loved it....I thought it was pretty funny myself.  Then some pizza, cake and lots of video games.  Can't forget about the video games.  Finally got them settled down and to sleep at nearly midnight.  At 5:30 this morning I was awakened to a round of cheering as someone passed the finish line on Mario Cart.  5:30???  Seriously.  I had to tell them to keep it down as some of us aren't crazy about video games so freakishly early in the morning.  Other than that, I bit my tongue and held back most of my normal mommy mantras like..."not so loud"..."keep it down"...."not so wild, please"...."settle down now"...etc, etc, etc... and let them have a good time.  I mean, you only turn 9 once, right?  :-) 

Here's a peek at his party invitations, which you can read more about on the Paper Crafts Connection blog!


Well, I'm a bad blogger once again this my mind have lots of wonderful projects to share with you here...something new and fabulous every singe day....but then real life kicks in.  And those projects end up staying right where they're at in my head... only a figment of my imagination. Sorry 'bout that.  Besides birthday plannning and partying, my mother in law also had knee surgery and we've been busy keeping an eye on her, we've had some extra school activities and pretty much any thing else you could imagine thrown into this week.  :-) 

BUT, good news ahead...I've been filling my spare moments with lots of new Papertrey goodies and I'll have tons to share with you next week!  I have this week's CPS card for you to peek at tonight...

We were sponsored by Gina K this week...such cute stamps.  :-)  I used the Spooky Silhouettes set on my card, based on sketch #136.



This little guy just went up in my Etsy shop along with a bunch of other things.  I'm kicking off a Holiday Card Extravaganza over in my Etsy shop....lots of holiday cards to list over the next week, so stay tuned and check back!  The fact that it snowed here last night mixed with all the holiday projects I've been doing the past week...I'm ready for the holidays! 

Alrighty...this sleep-deprived mommy needs to head to bed.  Have a great rest of the weekend!