Wonderful, Beautiful Card Creations....
Summer sniffles....

Scent of the sun...

Don't you just love that smell...the sun...it has it's own magical smell.  Soaked into the beach towels hanging on the deck, into the sheets on the clothesline, in my kids' sunkissed cheeks after a day of play.  There is no other smell like it, it's just....summer.  We're loving it here and I hope you are too...

Just a few fun things tonight!  Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on the blog hop.  I love it that you like to come visit me here.  Random.org chose commenter #208 as the winner of the Card Creations 7 issue..which was...Kathy Manning!

What a cute card

Kathy - e-mail me with your address (link on the left) and I'll get your address info passed on to the gals at Paper Crafts and they'll get your free issue to you!  Enjoy! 

Next is a little info...I had quite a few of you ask about how I did the embossing on my blog hop card.  I just used one of the little square embossers from Cuttlebug.  This one right here:

Nothing fancy with my regular Swiss Dot A2 embosser, just that fun little square dot border on the top left.  :-)

And now, just some fun cards.  I mentioned a few posts back that I love Cosmo Cricket, well, I took out my goodies today... some new, some old and just played around for a bit.  These papers are so my style...bright, colorful and just a touch of vintage.  :-)

A sweet baby card..



Yes, I'm completely in love with cherries (have I mentioned that lately??)



Honey Pie is still one of my favorite lines....


And yup, more cherries (Intervention please!!).....



Ahhh...goodnight.  I'm off to finish some things up and get these sun-kissed kids to bed.