Quick, make the bed...

Keep, sell, toss, clean....

I know, I know...bad blogger.  Let's just say this week has been...ahem...crazy.  Struggling just a bit earlier this week to meet some deadlines, a Cricut class, and now for some reason spring cleaning fever has struck.  You know what I mean...that time of year when you feel like you want to back a dump truck up to the front door and just start shoveling.  I blame being cooped up all winter and just itching for the weather to be nice and break free of these walls.  :-)  I've gone through the girls' closets, now on tho Jonathan's, mine, the toy cubes and then my craft room.  yikes.  We have a garage sale next week and it's always the best feeling in the world to clear out some things.  :-)

Just a few little tidbits today...just so you don't think I totally fell off the earth.  We did a little shopping over the weekend.  Katie was in dire need of some spring things, as was I...and I got the girls' Easter dresses.  This is what I picked this year, along with little frilly white sweaters to go over the top ('cuz it's still craaaazy cold here!!).  I love 'em...so sweet and girly and springy, don'tcha think? 

Easter dress 

And, just a few cardstock and Cricut projects.  Quite often our Cricut assignments call for at least a few projects that use only cardstock, the Cricut and maybe a few other basics.  First is a Mother's day gift bag... the bag is on Plantin Schoolbook and that pretty frame is actually from Joys of the Season, using the Card Feature.  I thought it was such a pretty cut and definitely not just for Christmas!


And just a simply springy card using Home Accents for the clouds and butterflies and Stretch Your Imagination for the sentiment. 


All right, off to clean something.  I'll be back.....eventually.  :-)