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The good, the bad and the ugly...

So, I've told you about the bad and the ugly parts of our little garage sale adventure, so I feel like I really should share one of the good finds for the day.  I happened across a beautiful vintage stationery set.  It was pale blue with ivory embossed roses and scalloped edges.  There were papers with large envelopes, and small notecards with tiny envelopes.  The best part was the envelopes.  I thought the scallops were so pretty.  I thought they would be perfect for card-making.  So, here is my humble attempt at a little something on the shabby side.  I'm usually a bright-color kinda girl, but I also love soft, vintage things, so here is my stab at it.  :-)  I added some Basic Grey rose stickers, Basic Grey and Crate patterned paper, some Making Memories buttons, flower and felt and a little twill ribbon. 



Out for pub-2  

And, in honor of tomorrow being the first day of the new school year, I feel the need to post something school related.  This is a flashcard set I made using the Plantin Schoolbook Cricut cartridge.  Everything here was cut with that cart, including the little carrier.  I cut it out of chipboard first so it would be sturdier, then cut it again from cardstock to cover the chipboard.  The flashcards were made using the "endcap" feature, which before this project I hadn't even really paid attention too, but I'm sure I'll be using it a whole bunch in the future.  How handy!! 

Flashcard Set

Flashcard Set2

And last, but not least, I've been tagged by the very talented Chris M

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So, here are the blogs I'm tagging...

Anabelle because I LOVE her details and beautiful, feminine style.

Lisa because she's so sweet and talented ta boot!

Sherry because she makes such beautiful things and can stamp like nobody's business.  :-)

Dawn because her perfectly simple cards are as sweet as she is!

Molly because she always has the sweetest photos on her blog and her projects are filled with the most amazing details.

And, ok, I'm lazy.  That's only 5, but school tomorrow and I need to get these crazy kids to bed.  :-)

Thanks for visiting.  Have a wonderful rest of the week.  :-)