Don't forget the dress...
New photos....

The Dress.....check!

Thank you all for your wonderful help.  51, you girls are good...that was about 50 less than from my mom though.  haha!  :-)  As for the goodies....the Random Number Generator selected comment #41 from Deah:

Particularly love that deep brown & cream architectural paper mixed with the yellow..lovely! =)

Don't forget the dress..or the coloring books..or the sippy cups.. ;) Hope you have a wonderful time!

Deah, I just sent you an e-mail.  :-)

So, everything went well, we had a great time, the kids did so well on the long ride.  Katie's tooth came in the afternoon before we left, so she was in a much happier mood.  Julia did just perfect through rehersal and the wedding and everything.  She looked so adorable and I was so proud of her!  I thought I'd better share a pic with you all, since you were such a wonderful help.  My mom made the dress and although it brought her near to tears a few times since it was a really difficult pattern, she did a beautiful job and it turned out just perfect.  It was almost identical to the bride's. 

DSC_0141-2-small And, here a just a few little cards I made before we left.   The first one uses some American Crafts goodies.  The second uses some of the new Tinkering Ink Beau Jardin line...just released at CHA this past weekend.

Welcome Little One Well, thanks again for all of your help and comments.  I really appreciate it!  I hope you are all off to a wonderful start to your week.  I'm off to catch up, clean up and maybe get some laundry done.  :-)

Welcome Little One-Detail Pure Sweetness Butterfly Card

Pure Sweetness Butterfly Card-2