Popsicles 101
Throwing in the towel...

School's out!

Last day of school today... is that good or bad?  Not sure yet.  haha!  No, I think it's good.  I think we're all ready for a little break and a little summer sunshine!  I have been such a bad blogger lately!  I haven't forgotten about it, I just don't have a lot that I can share right now!  But, I do have a few things that I can Pencil Box-1 post that are coming up in some Paper Crafts special issues.  This first one is a girly pencil box using some Tinkering Ink papers which will be in the Paper Crafting With Kids issue.

Greetings Birdie Card And, next is a card that will be in the Stamp It! Cards issue. 

Well, take care.  I am off to enjoy the week-end kick-off to our summer....except that it is extremely cold.  We'll just have to use our imaginations. :-) Have a good weekend!