Safe and Sound
I see you!


The other day I posted a little peek of the latest Peek-a-Boo album by Tinkering Ink, so I thought I'd pop in and post the rest of the project.  I hope you all had a wonderful NSD!  At our house NSD should have Spring_peekabook_album1 been renamed NBCAED....National Be Crabby At Everything Day.  Yikes, just one of those days.  By the way....does anyone know a secret to make a baby stop screaming?  And I don't mean crying.  I mean screaming.  As in ear-piercing-glass-shattering-horror-movie-a-few-more-decibles-and-only-the-dog-could-hear kind of screaming.  Which, by the way, might have had something to do with everyone's mood around here this week.  I'm going to share this album with you and I took these photos just the other day, but don't let her fool you.  Right now she's not as sweet as she looks.  Poor thing, those teeth are really bothering her and are taking so long to come in.  Ahh.  this too shall pass.  I actually took the entire day off to do nothing.  The girls and I went shopping and just bummed around because I knew Katie would be happier if we were out and about.  It turned out to be a fun day.  :-)


But, a little more about the album...these Peek-a-Boo albums are so fun.  They are a combination of chipboard and acrylic pages.  They take a bit of thought and planning, but they turn out so fun! 

Spring_peekabook_album4Well, take care, and here's to better (quieter) days!  :-)

Spring_peekabook_album5 Spring_peekabook_album6