A very fitting project...
Safe and Sound

Thinking of spring's work..

Hi all! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying some spring.  I am really getting anxious to get outside and do some planting.  We have window boxes on all of the windows on the front of our house and I'm anxious to get them filled once again.  I didn't do it last year since I was 8.5 months pregnant and really didn't feel like planting, let alone the watering it takes once they're in!  So, I'm definitely in the mood to get that all going again!  One of these days....if it would just warm up a bit and the wind would quiet down.  That winter is just putting up a good fight this year!  :-)

Betsy_veldman_adore_layout Well, the April projects are up of the Self-Addressed site, so I can post them here!  I showed you some sneaks the other day, so here they are in full view.  :-)  This first layout is one of my favorite photos from the first week after Katie was born.  I just love the adoring looks on her brother and sister's faces.  And honestly the newness hasn't really worn off.  They still adore the little bug.  :-) 

I don't have a whole lot else new to share this week.  I'm busy once again working on some QVC projects.  Maybe I'll share a little bit in the next week or so.  :-)  It's just been really crazy around here and I'm feeling like I need a break to catch my breath, but that could be a ways off yet.  :-)  Well, nighty-night and sleep tight!  I'm off to watch a few minutes of tivo with the hubby before bed.