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Thistle Hill

Some Inque and Ink Love

Out_for_pub2 Happy Wednesday everyone!  It is soooo cold here again today.  A few flakes in the air, wind, and the temp is a whopping 2 degrees.  Perfect day to stay in, do a little cooking and creating!  Dinner's in the oven and there are a few projects on my scrap table.  :-)  And my house is warm and cozy.  We can definitely thank the Lord for warm homes in this kind of weather. 

Ok, so on to some Inque and Ink love.  I always think it's kind of funny that I work for two different companies with "Ink" in them, even though they are spelled about as differently as their products are different from eachother!  First off is a few cards using Inque Boutique stamps.  I finished up my monthly Inque projects (I'll have to show you those another day) and I had some fun scraps lying around on my table that I really thought needed homes, so I turned them into cards.  :-)

And next for some Tinkering Ink love...check out the Out_for_pub2_3 Tinkering Ink Blog for a few little tiny peeks at a couple of the new lines...there is TONS more to come, so keep watching!  Check back here as well....I might (MIGHT) be posting a few things in the next few days.  we'll just have to see.  that's all I'm sayin'. 

Take care and have a wonderful (and warm) evening!