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So excited about my little girl..

Pc_with_photos_2 on the cover of the new Paper Crafting With Photos by Paper Crafts!  See the little card on the top with the goofy little girl?  That's MY goofy little girl.  heeehee!  :-)  I'm excited to see this issue which is due out on February 5th.  I wanted to share one of my projects that is in this's a set of photo cards featuring my daughter in four silly photos.  She can be such a little goofball and I caught these photos of her a while back and decided to use them on a set of birthday cards, one of which ended up on the cover.  So excited about that!!  :-)  So, here's the full set of 4 with Julia in all her silliness.  The issue is available right now for pre-order on the Paper Crafts site.  Thanks for stopping by and thanks for letting me share!  Have a super day.  :-)