The Best of Times, the Worst of Times...
In the Holiday Spirit

It's Almost Christmas!

Know how I know that?  Well, becuase the stomach flu has come to visit our house of course!  Doesn't it always this time of year?  yuck.  blech.  sick.  That pretty much describes my week!  Well, that and about 10,000 billion loads of laundry.  I'm hoping it's about over though.  Lysol is my friend.  :-) 

Ok, anyways, I can finally share my November Self Addressed projects with you since they are now up on the site!  So many wonderful ideas, be sure to check them out!  Here are mine.....

Betsy_veldman_thankful_house This little house was so fun... wouldn't it be fun to do one for every season?? 

Betsy_veldman_its_fall_baby_layout And here's my little fall baby.  :-)

Betsy_veldman_thankful_hearts_layou And... my page about what the kids are thankful for this year.  I didn't ask baby 'cuz well, she can't talk and all and I think she's pretty much just thankful for bottles.  :-)

And a couple cards. 

Betsy_veldman_warm_wishes_card Loved, loved, loved the colors in this kit.  So beautiful. 

And ok, that was all a little too fall looking since we've all got Christmas on the brain, so I'll share this little Christmas project with you that was published last year in the Dec/Jan Paper Trends.  Kind of old, but I still like it.  :-)  Thanks for stopping by, I better head to bed!  goodnight!