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The {not so} Incredibles and a RAK!

Ok, so a little about my blog name.  Our son's biggest obsession right now at age seven is superheroes.  He's in love with them, totally obsessed.  So, I guess it was inevitable that he give everyone in our house their own superhero identity.  For example, Baby Katie's secret identity is Super Bottle Baby.  Her super powers include sleeping, burping and sucking her thumb (which is where her powers come from -- similar to Popeye's spinach).  Her weapons include a revolving bottle blaster and an arsenal of dirty diaper bombs at the ready to fire at her attackers.  All this according to her seven-year-old brother.  Well, he decided it was only appropriate for me to be called Scrapbook Girl.  My super powers include cutting, stamping and gluing.  My weapons are stickers (you know, to stick the bad guys), my super-sharp scissor hands and my glue gun.  And, although I don't wear a mask, I've been known to use one on a layout from time to time.  :-)  So, all in all I decided that maybe our family needs to be called The {not so} Incredibles.  (Love that movie btw)

Well, enough about that, I just wanted to share that little story of why I named my blog what I did.  It's not that I think I'm such a super scrapper, I'm really not that super at all.  Well, except maybe in the eyes of a seven year old boy.  :-)

So, on to the RAK.  I have this SUPER (since that seems to be the theme of this post) set of Circle Words Circle_words stamps from Inque Boutique that I've been itching to give away.  So, post a comment (so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself) before midnight central time on Halloween (October 31st) and I'll randomly pick a winner from the list.

Thanks for visiting and have a SUPER day! :-)