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August 15, 2014


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Leigh Penner

Oh, your projects are always so fabulous, Betsy! I am always inspired when I visit your blog! I'm sorry to hear you'll be stepping down as a Go-To Gal-- your cards are always my favourites in the magazine! However, I have been thrilled with the fact that you're designing kits for MIM -- and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us in the future!

Jill Norwood

What a very difficult decision it must have been!!! I will miss your cards, tips, and projects there but feel so blessed by the wonderful products you are designing as part of the MIM kits! Thanks so much for all you contribute to this craft I love so much! You are a blessing!!!


My heart literally sank as I hurriedly scrolled to the bottom of your post to read your news!! I can now report I'm breathing a whole lot better now knowing it is not the PTI Design Team that you are leaving!! You are a huge asset to PTI and you lend us so much of your creativity and we are truly blessed by your talent!!!!

kristie larsen

You have been the most AMAZING Go-To gal. You will be missed! I learned so much from you! I am so glad to have you designing for PTI. You are always so amazing with designs, colour and techniques. We will get it from you somehow! I hope that your family continues to thrive with you as their mama. Life decisions are tough... but putting family first is always the right thing to do. good luck to you in all your endeavours! looking forward to great things.


oh miss bets, how i love you!!!!!!! these projects as always, BLOW my mind! We've talked about it before, but I still don't believe you. . . .I think magic happens every time you sit down to create . . . .even when you resort to dishwasher detergent to make it happen :) (You're my hero!) I'm proud of you for making a hard decision! I love you, girl! xoxo

MaryAnn N.

Will miss you as Go to gal in paper crafts & scrapbooking magazine
Always enjoy your projects. And am loving your monthly moments at PTI
I am a faithful follower of your blog.

Nancy M

First, thank you for showing how the slide frame is the perfect size for the birthday classics stamp. They look great together. Second, I'm sorry for your struggle about your Go-to Gal decision. What a blessing to have too many amazing opportunities in your life. You appear to become completely invested in what ever you do, so it's no wonder that you've been overwhelmed with responsibilities. I hope with one less commitment, you'll be able to more fully enjoy your family and all of the other things that you do. Selfishly, as a PTI customer, I'm glad that you made the decision you did.

Kathy Mc

Since I'm behind in blog reading, I just read about your Go-to Gal "retirement" and was saddened but totally understand. I often wondered how you managed to keep up with all your deadlines and still WOW us with all your creativity. You've knocked things out of the park with your new Market Kits for PTI and fabulous response with each release. Enjoy time with your family and thanks for keeping us up with the latest trends in the crafting world!


WOW so many fun fun fall cards! Thanks for all the years of inspiration as a go-to gal! You really have a talent and it was a treat for the world to share it with us!

Laura Norris

Great cards today. You are always full of good ideas! I'm sure it was tough to make the decision to step down from papercrafts, but to put your family first is a good choice. It's been fun to see your designs for PTI kits, can't wait to see more!!

Miriam Prantner

You will be SO missed!!!!


Hey! Once again great post. You are amazing and your project and tips are very useful. We will miss you a lot.

Lindsey L.

Beautiful always! I will miss your regularity at PC, but I'm so happy that you'll still be around. You are on a level all your own as far as I'm concerned. I truly don't have the words to say how much I admire your work, and I love you even more for always being so in tune with the needs of your family. You are amazing!

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