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April 30, 2014


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AMAZING! Beautiful, cute and I love each and every one! Truly inspiring, Betsy!

Donna M.

Yes, I made it to the end! I really like this release, it's definitely my style. Love the color, the simplicity factor, the embellishments... Perfect for me! Thanks Betsy for the inspiration.


I love how this post goes on and on and on, one beautiful card and idea after the other! Great job developing this kit and showcasing it. I hope everyone who wants one, gets one! Can't wait to get mine.

Kim G

I made it to the end also and loved every bit of it!! Can't wait till it goes on sale! You thought of everything and even more!

Holly Saveur

STUNNING all..super great kit!

Debbie Olson

Gorgeous, Betsy--you are SO rocking your new line!


Wow, girl! You have been B-U-S-Y! That is a great bunch of creations and super video. You picked my favorite colors and the kit has everything. Great job! Thanks so much.


absolutely love this set, really hope i am lucky enough to snag one !

Victoria h

I've been waiting for the reveal ever since the sneak peaks. Absolutely love your style- another must have kit.

Jeannine Brenner

This is the most FABULOUS kit ever! I love it...everything about it! Thanks for sharing all if your tips and tricks and beautiful projects! Can't wait for tomorrow night!!

janet wilson

WOW, wow, Betty - incredible work in both creating this fantastic kit and all the beautiful samples :)

Deborah Rikard

It was no trouble at all to read to the end of this post. Each bit of loveliness kept drawing me on to see what was next! This is must have kit.


Betsy, I'm so incredibly impressed with this fabulous kit! You really have thought of everything!

A Facebook User

BRAVO Betsy! This kit is just the ticket! I just spent the weekend making shakers for the PPP Shaker blog hop. Your kit would have made it MUCH EASIER!! The shaker card is so addictive to make:)
LOVE the colors you have chosen for the kit, SWEET as candy:)

Susan Beauchaine

Betsy, this is the CUTEST set EVER!!!
I will be sitting at my computer waiting to hit the buy button tomorrow night. I hope I do not miss out!!!
Thank you SO MUCH!!!

Tara Chaussee

Absolutely stunning- all of it! This is truly an amazing kit!

Shari T

OK, Betsy--I just want to eat up all of your cards made with this new Shakers & Sprinkles kit! Absolutely Scrumptious!! So colorful and happy!! I know that I would be HAPPY HAPPY to receive a card made with any element of this Kit! Thank You for all of the wonderful inspiration!! XOXO-Shari


Betsy, you must have had a blast developing this kit because it exudes fun and happiness. The colors, sentiments, sprinkles - all of it is beyond amazing.

My immediate and extended family have been going through some hard times this year and it will be wonderful to be able to send them some cards filled with cheerfulness. Any cards made with this kit will surely bring a smile. I thank you for that.


PS - Oops, forgot to mention that I love how you used the rectangle scallop for a border. I was looking at the border, wondering what die you used (and wanting it). There was the answer in the next sentence. This really is a multifunctional kit.

Elise McKinney

The kit is just amazing! I am so excited to start creating cards with it. They will surely bring smiles to the recipient. You did it again, Betsy!


Betsy, this kit is nothing less than amazing! WOW! And your samples are just awesome!!! It is all so YOU, too, and that makes it even better! Love it!

kirsty vittetoe

You know I have been waiting for this kit for the looooooongest time, LOL! Now I have to wait for one more day? LOL! But it is all good, I know happy thing is coming my way..... thanks for creating this lovely kit Betsy!


Love the wonderful cards you have created with this gorgeous kit. Love the bright colours

Jill Norwood

Wow! Wow! Wow! This kit is sprinkled with love for all of us from top to bottom! So very happy that you stepped into the design arena!!! I cannot wait to order this tonight!!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!

Sheri E.

Oh Betsy! This kit is so amazing! The dies alone have endless possibilities, besides everything else included. Love the sprinkles! Thank-you so much!

Kimberly Davis

I am in love with this kit and all the possibilities! You are a genius designer!! I hope PTI decides to sell more of the double sided adhesive foam sheets and also more of the sprinkles, as I see myself making a lot of cards with this kit! Also the paper pad is adorable and I would probably buy more of this as well!

Larissa Heskett =)

WOWOWOWOWOWOW!! Such an AWESOME New Kit!! I LOVE the Idea of this and I hope I'm able to get my hands on one of these AMAZING Little Kits!! =) THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)


Love, love, love! All your cards are darling.


That's a lot of cards with one little, but extraordinary kit. Each is is so colorful.


You are very talented. I love the kit and the ideas you have so generously shared. Thank you!!!

jeni allen

I can't wait.... this is SO fun!!!

Robin Funge

Can't wait to get my hands on it!!! Looks so fun! We'll done on another great kit!!


Love, love, love! All your cards are darling.

Lindsey L.

If I could think of a word stronger than adore I'd use it to describe this kit! You've thought of everything and your projects today are amazing, too!

Kathy Mc

Fabulous, Betsy! You really didn't miss a beat with this kit as everything is included for those perfect shaker cards. Great color choices and so much happiness. You are awesome!


Congratulations on your new kit Betsy! I often think how lucky we are that Betsy V is on the PTI Design Team! The design elements and execution of this kit tell show why! You absolutely rock! Even the designer paper is awesome, and in all my favorite colors yet! I am more excited about ordering this kit than I have anything in a very long time!!

Betty sue

I adore this kit!!! So fun and happy!! You're amazing!!

ReNae Allen

Wow! This kit is just amazing! What a clever and creative woman you are to design such a bright and fun way to create shaker cards!
I will be setting the alarm on my phone to make sure I'm ready to hit the buy button!
Thank you for sharing this marvelous kit with us!

Nancy V Garinger

So excited about this kit. Every card is prettier than the next. This is definetly a most have kit for me.

Kay Tillman

Love everything about this kit! Can't wait to order tonight. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us.


This is a wonderful kit, I don't usually post comments but I could not resist. I love it and will be glad when I can buy it. Thanks for all your hard wonderful work.

Tammy Hershberger

OMGosh, I just love everything about this! Darn it, but I just don't *need* to spend any money right now! :) You're killin' me!


You put an amazing amount of work into this delightful kit. it's a real day brightener and so a vase of spring flowers on the kitchen table. Thanks!

Tracey McNeely

Betsy you have created such a fun fun kit! I am so super stocked about every part of it. This went right to the top of my grocery list--LOL Thanks you for all of your hard work!

Robin in WA

Beautiful kit Betsy!!! Love how you sell the kits also. Thanks for all the great inspiration!


I am in love...really. I love shaker cards. This is awesome!! The kit and what you are making with it weeehoooo!!

Margarita Navarro-Rivera

Love your cards!

tammy r

Sorry the PTI website was not working :( and I could not stay up all night to purchase this awesome kit!

carol aka krillsister

So disappointed in not being able to order your fab kit. I hope you rethink how your product will be released in the future. Very sad.

Karen Kelly

This kit is amazing! I joked on the PTI site when I commented to try and win it that the site would crash--saw that coming a mile away :) I don't blame everyone for wanting it and I can't wait to get mine. Hands down one of the best kits I've ever seen--nicely done!

Marcie Rhys

Well, do you think your kit is a HUGE success?! In typical Betsy fashion, you have brought all your brilliance to bear on this project.

I tried to leave a comment yesterday on Papertrey's site, but I was not able to get through the logistics of it. Probably even then you were helping Papertrey's infrastructure come to it's knees. I've never thought that the web prowess of PTI was up to the standards of such a talented group of artists. Frustrated as folks will become trying to buy your fabulously designed kit, it will be gone in the blink of an eye.

Even though I will not probably be able to buy this kit (too difficult to time), you have again left all of us with so many gifts. Your video is positively fabulous. You are as fine an engineer as you are visual artist. "Leave the double sided adhesive in the die until one side as been affixed." What a fabulous idea that makes your innovative product collection so accessible. That one tip (not counting all the others) will mean the difference between barely successful and spot-on stunning.

The stamp set and dies are some of the best released through Papertrey to date, and that is saying quite a lot. The papers you have included are my favorites, so far, hands down. Your colorful, fun, and charming designs should become a part of Papertrey's regular offerings. Usually if rules are declared, ("when the kits are gone they are gone for good") it seems wise not to break them; otherwise, what is the point? But, maybe the inconvenience of ordering the kit, that has left many of us feeling badly about the "Papertrey problems" again, can be turned to our advantage. The kit is so brilliant, that offering the non-consumables for purchase during a regular release, would soften the blow. The dies and stamps, along with your video, would make it a run away success with a VERY wide crafting audience.

Once again, thank you for bringing your artistic gifts and your wonderful sensibilities into my life. Never doubt for a moment that you are a bright light in the world.

Debbie P

This kit looks like so much FUN! Do you know if Papertrey will be offering refills on the double sided adhesive sheets for purchase.? I know that we will all use up what is in the kit.


Thanks so much Betsy for this amazing kit! Everybody wants to have it, you make us crashed the web site :)


Betsy, is it too late to order one of these kits? I just landed on your blog and absolutely fell in love with this entire kit!!

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