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April 12, 2014


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jan m

I like the addition of your gold flourish!


I really like the dark background with the pop of colors. Great card!

janet wilson

Gorgeous, love the big gold flourish :)

Judy G

Loved your card (s) and then I loved the other one more! Popping simplicity!

Karen L K

Nice cards!! I like the way you did the star background. Also the swirls & stars look great!


You are so right about the difference color makes. The design of both cards is wonderful (of course!), but the second is so much more striking, in my opinion. I think that the embossed circles give the card more dimension, and the gold pops against the gray.


I love both cards, Betsy. The bright stars on both cards, along with the flourishes bring a unique touch. The pop of gold adds so much - love it.

Kathie B

I love the elegance that comes with the use of the flourishes.i don't think I would have thought to use the flourishes with the stat plate. Thanks for getting me to think outside of the box!

Kathy Krug

Wow! Great cards and inspiration. Amazing what a change in color does to a design.


These are so different and a unique way to embellish the die. Wonderful!


Very inventive idea!

Christy Sheffield

Gorgeous cards!

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