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March 05, 2014


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kirsty vittetoe

Mine just got here today, my brother's wedding anniversary is coming, I can't wait to make a card for them using this kit, thanks for the inspiration, the gift set is sooooo beautiful!

Lisa S.

What a beautiful card set! I know your grandmother will treasure it and send her notes with such pride in her talented granddaughter.

Anne B

Gorgeous set Betsy and such a lovely idea. I have a friend who would love something similar so I can't wait for my kit to arrive!

Deb D.

Oh Betsy this is beautiful!! I have been tracking my kit and it is due to arrive tomorrow... can't wait!! Any details on the specifics of how you made your box. I am box- making challenged!!

Victoria h

A beautiful present. I'd love it ( my initial too!) keep the ideas coming... I'd also love the box measurements- I've made a small one before and my daughter still uses it.


This is absolutely stunning!

Susan Beauchaine

GORGEOUS! Just Gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing

karen C

Absolutely beautiful. I'm still on the fence, I hope when I decide for sure the set is not gone. I'm very close though.

Tristan Robin Blakeman

absolutely gorgeous stationery - better than any I have had custom ordered and paid big $'s for.

good on you!

janet wilson

Exquisite, and stunning in it's presentation :)

Sandy M

Wonderful package design. Love the trim on the envy too.


Just catching up on Letterpress Posts after being gone on vacation (and then having a very ill DH when we came home). A friend ordered my Letterpress kit for me and just got to dig in to it today! I LOVE this boxed card set Betsy! Am sure your grandma Violet will be very happy to receive this as a gift...home one of my four granddaughters will be as thoughtful when my time comes :)
(my kit was missing the thin gold tape - do you know if PTI has any extra on hand and could send me my role?)

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