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February 05, 2014


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You are fast becoming one of the most talented designers! I always look forward to seeing what you're creating!

Nancy Penir

CAS? Forbid! Too much clever fun on one card not to love the assembly! Give me artfully arranged beauty every time! But like you said, that's why I love PTI, a little bit of everything, well done! You're an amazing talent, and I couldn't possibly pick just 7 of our projects!

janet wilson

Whooo Hooo, wonderful little gallery of some of your mazing work :)

Thank you - for all you do and share :)

Becky P.

Whenevery I am feeling low, I come to your blog and your designs always make me feel better. I think you are truly a master at your craft. From your make it Monday videos, to your amazing releases every month, you give me so much joy. Truly a papercrafting rock star. I am just sorry I never post to tell you how much joy and inspiration you bring to me every month.

karen h

Thank you so much for your projects and inspiration! I love your design style and when I want to kick up my cas-style a notch, I love coming here to browse and get inspired!

susan h.

I simply cannot get enough of your designs! Your talent is amazing and you are definitely the most creative designer I have seen! Thank you!

Elizabeth S.

I am so glad to see you are going to stay with PTI! I love you style.


I have to ditto Elizabeth so glad you are staying and I love your style also!!!!!!


Hey, hey lady! Congrats on your years with PTI. I love your work and look forward to your innovative ideas.

Holly Saveur

ALWAYS LOVE what you always too make me want to buy stamp the twist you give them..makes me look at them differently....

see mary stamp

Betsy - your projects never fail to inspire me. I love your color choices, your design sense and the joy your work exudes. Looking forward to another year of PTI inspiration from you. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.


Love all you make it Monday. Your cards are amazing. The colors and designs are such an inspirations.
Thank you

Donna K

So glad we'll be seeing more of you in 2014. Your designs are so amazing and truly happy. It's fun that you can see the evolution of your style and fun for us to see as well. Keep on growing!

Jennifer K

I'm so glad to hear your staying on with the PTI design team. I look forward every month to your creations. Your cards and projects help me to grow my design skills and learn new ways of using products. Love that! THANK YOU hardly seems enough to say to someone who has brought such joy to my creative life, but thank you for all your hard work and inspiration.

Carla Hundley

Looking forward to
the creations you
are going to show.
Carla from Utah

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