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February 15, 2014


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Donna Cala

Congrats on the new kits. I think that everyone loves letterpress so it is a great choice to kick off the new kits. I can't wait to see it all. Your cards are always FABULOUS. I especially love the Leave it Be card.

Barb W

Betsy, first congratulations on your new BIG adventure for PTI. It looks intriguing, exciting and of course awesome! I can't wait to see more. Second your last card posted is stunning. I love that set, but I never would of thought to use the vellum like that. I can't wait for this PTI box to arrive. Third, thanks for all your posts, creative ideas and the sharing of your knowledge. If it wasn't for all your hard work, I don't if I would be stamping like I am today.

Jill norwood

Oh my goodness Betsy! The new kit sounds fantastic! And I am so excited that you are diving into designing too as you have such a wonderfully unique style that I love!

Ideas: I would love to see some one or two step stamps that create the asymmetrical backgrounds in one fell swoop with perfect placement! Like the perfect placement of your scribbles stamps on your last card but it would be done with just one stamp or even cover plate die. Also I love shaped cards and would love more options...a baby dress versus a onesie, a pie with a lattice top which could be used for birthdays, Thanksgiving etc. Also dies and stamps that create additional design ideas related to products we already own from PTI like the various labels and limitless layers dies. I love unique fonts too and unique combinations of fonts for sentiments. I still struggle with having the right size sentiments for projects and often am looking for small sentiments! I love the cover plates and how quick they make backgrounds and would love to see some floral ones!

Your cards are all gorgeous! I love the last one too! There is just something about vellum - especially with the gold embossing!

Thanks for all you!


Congratulations Betsy! I am looking forward to March 1st already!
I love your Leave it Be card best. The vellum on top of the stamped image is just gorgeous! Have a wonderful day!

Amber P

Your favorite card is my favorite as well! That gold embossing on the vellum is just stunning! LOVE IT! :)

jan metcalf

Looking forward to seeing more of your Market Kits Betsy! Your cards are adorable, love the fox and your fluttering vellum leaves!


Betsy, your cards are just amazing! Congratulations on your new adventure. I am so excited for you! Thank you so much for all the inspiration that you bring to us every day.


Congratulations, Betsy! Make It Market Kit Co. is sure to be a huge success with you at the helm! I love the Leave It Be card with the gold embossed velum leaves - BEAUTIFUL!

Leigh Penner

I'm so excited that you are designing kits for PTI, Betsy! I can't wait to see more of this one!
And fabulous cards with the release, as always!

Jessie McLaughlin

Oh Betsy I am so loving that you all are doing a kit!! And this one looks so cool!! I can not wait to see all of it!! Your style is so neat and I love all your cards!!

Deb H

I love your work. I too am inspired by your Leave it Be card.
Am looking forward to your kits

Holly Saveur

great news about the kits...and love all the cards you made this release!

Rae Tolbert

I would love to try PTI kits, but I am a card maker an not really interested in those other crafting projects. I tried another club kit an when that other stuff started coming I stopped getting it monthly. My suggestion would be to also sell the kits on your site so people can chose the ones they want. Or have duel clubs: a solely card making one an one that varies. You could use the same basic items. Congrats an looking forward to what comes out.

Sue (suen)

First, congratulations on your new venture with the Make It Market kits! The sneaks with the Luxe kit look fabulous! Now, for that last card you made!! Those gold veined vellum leaves over the solid colored images is just breath taking! WOW!! This month's release is over the top!

Shelly Greybeck

I was wondering when Papertrey Ink would venture into the kit territory as it seems many other companies are offering them as well. What I like is that it seems as if the supplies will be limited, which means more one-of-a-kind projects to be made. The surprise factor is fun too!

Connie MacFarlane

Congrats on your new venture! The kits sound wonderful. Wow! on your last card! Love what you did here with the embossed veins on vellum. You never disappoint Betsy!


Congratulations on your venture into kits. There is so much gorgeousness with these new products, how is a body supposed to choose? Buy them all, you say? I wish I could.


So excited for the new kits! Especially the upcoming one...I love letterpress.
I have to say my fave card this month is the Leave it Be card, as how the leaves just look like they are fluttering in the wind.

Lindsey L.

Super thrilled about these new kits! I love that they will include some non-expendable items as well. And just the idea of some like YOU searching for just the right goodies to include makes me giddy. They are sure to be fabulous! Fabulous projects this release Betsy, and (like you) I love the last card best. :)


Wow! The new kits sound fabulous! I can't wait to get the first one and start playing.

Mary Koby

So much inspiration and excitement! I'd like to put in a vote for a mini album kit to showcase a little vacation time. I like decor projects too.


Congratulations on this new adventure! You are my biggest inspiration on the PTI team and I love you style, innovation and beautiful color combinations. I am thrilled about this and look forward to the upcoming kits. I would be interested in card, packaging and decor kits. Can't wait!

Sheri E.

Very excited for your new kits. Thank-you for all your beautiful projects and your hard work. This anniversary launch has been a blast. Looking forward to the next year.


I'm such a fan of your work Betsy, I'm tickled pink that you're adding your talents to the PTI design team. Lucky them and even luckier us!

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