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February 06, 2014


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Lizzie Jones

Betsy, I'm so excited about your expanded role with Papertrey! I know everything you do is going to be fabulous. Congratulations!

Jessie McLaughlin

Betsy so excited for you!! Can not wait to see what you have designed!! I always love the women of PTI and love how different you all are!! Your card is beautiful!! Congrats!!

June K.

Betsy, it's so exciting to have you as a designer. Congrats!

Diane from MN

Betsy, I'm very excited to see what you have designed for this year. Your cards are always beautiful and innovative, looking forward to all you create!

Tracey C.

WHOOHOO! So excited about your new venture!! Congratulations :) Your projects ALWAYS make me smile, can't wait to see what happens when you're creating the pieces to put together! :) Yippee!

jan metcalf

Very pretty! very clever! Love the way you added different colors!


beautiful card. can't wait to see your stamp line.


Congrats Betsy!! awesome card and that image is just gorgeous. Thank you!

Nancy Penir

Oh boy! Can't wait to see more of the Betsy stamps! Such a great image to begin the tantalizing!

Cindy H.

Beautiful card! Love the image and fun card design.

Becky Green


terri E.

I am beyond excited for you! I think you will totally rock out the stamp designing and I can't wait to see what you bring to the table.


Congratulations! I can't wait to see what designs you come up with! I have been a fan of yours for many years!

Deb H

You are always an inspiration, today is no exception. Great card and looking forward to more. Thank you


such a cute card-great colors.

Debbie V

This card is drop-dead gorgeous! Thanks for all the inspiration you give every day!

Jennifer K

So excited to see what you have in store for us this year! Congratulations on your new venture.

karen h

Oh this news makes me so very very happy! Congratulations!!


I LOVE IT!! So beautiful.


Congrats, Betsy! I'm always, always so full of anticipation to see what delights you create. I get that "Happy" feeling when I see your cards. You are very talented and I'm looking forward to a great blaze of fun from your studio!


Love this card. It is amazing. Your cards and designs have inspired me to be more creative and use my stamps a lot more.

Denise E

Oh, heavens to Betsy! Yes, this is a gift from heaven that you will be designing for PTI!! I am so super excited. You see, I came to PTI in 2009 and at that point in my limited stamping career (I was one of those scrapbookers who swore I would never start stamping - HA!), I originally felt like my "style" resonated best with Dawn. And, don't get me wrong, I still love her too. But, over the past few years, I have realized that I LOVE every single thing you do and your style has quickly become my 'go-to' inspiration on a regular basis. My friend and I often say, "I didn't think I needed that set, until I saw what Betsy did with it!". So, yes, you have enabled many, many extra expenses out of my account in order to bring home more PTI than I ever thought I wanted! So, to say I am stoked to hear you will be designing stamps now is a total understatement! So SUPER happy for you! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us! ;)

Elizabeth S.

Congrats Betsy!! Love your card. Looking forward to seeing your product line.

Becky P.

This news made my week!! I am so excited to see your product line. I know it will be amazing!

Holly Saveur

LOVE to see what stamp set you have created so excited..can't wait.....
Congrats Betsy!!

vicki dutcher

Good for you taking a further step! Can't wait to see your future designs~

Lisa Petrella

Congratulations, Betsy!!! I'm a big fan of your creativity and can't wait to see what you have in store for us!!! Love your card for today! So bright and happy and beautiful---Betsy style all the way!!!

Tracey McNeely

Betsy this is fantastic and thank you for making it. Now to create something on my own when all I want to do it copy yours! :)


Bets! CONGRATS!!! I'm so excited for you!

Natalie Winterstein

Eeeek! I am BEYOND excited to see what you have up your sleeve! I would say this free digi-stamp is a sign of great things to come! :)

Helen F.

Congratulations, Betsy! Can't wait to see your new designs ~ so very excited for you.
I know your future role will have you shining even brighter than you already do.
Thanks for the beautiful FREE download ~ off to create now :)

Patt H.

Betsy, your card is just awesome!! I am so looking forward to seeing all the goodies you bring to us this next year. I love your designs!Thank you so much for the fabulous freebie!

see mary stamp

Woo-hoo. So excited by this announcement. Congratulations on taking this new step. You will rock the house.

Carla Hundley

Lovely card and
I love the little
splash of colors
in the striped
Carla from Utah

Leigh Penner

I'm so excited to see that you'll be designing stamps for PTI, Betsy! I can't wait to see what you come up with!
Oh, and gorgeous card and printable.... I had fun making a card with this printable...

Ohhh Snap

I'm so excited and looking forward to seeing the stamps you design! Congratulations on your new adventure : D.


So excited that you will be designing stamps! How awesome is that!! As always love your card, and I can't wait to use your download on a card of my own!

janet wilson

Wonderful news, can't wait to see the outcome!
Thank you for the gorgeous image!

Jill norwood

Betsy I am thrilled to hear about your new designing hat for PTI!! I cannot wait to see your designs! I have always been curious about how stamps are designed. It must be exciting learning new things! And probably challenging too! Thanks for taking the step! I hope and know it will be the start of something beautiful!

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