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January 24, 2014


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maria f.

Eye candy that's for sure. TFS, Betsy.

Mo Jo

Very nice! I am a novice quiller myself. If you really get into it you should buy a tube of Quilling Paper at Michaels (just a few dollars) because, you will find that you can't get a much better bend from the lighter weight paper.


Amazing. I quill but never thought about using stamps as guides. I love the idea. Thank you.

Carolynn Wilson

Inspiring as always-- love it!


Please please please do a Make-it-Monday video on this!!!


Oh my gosh, that is amazing! I love quilling! Your creations are beautiful!!

Maureen Chandler

Your cards are lovely and make me want to give quilling a try! I have never really given it a lot of thought because I mail almost all of my cards to family and friends and didn't think they would survive the mail! Thank you for sharing your work and tips too!

Holly Saveur



I have always been curious about quilling too, your inspiration is just what I needed! Thank you for this beautiful post. And I agree with the post above, a MIM video would be awesome. ;)

Ann Martin

I love the ways you've combined quilling with stamping, Betsy - your cards look great! I'm a quiller and think it's a lot of fun to see how each person puts their own stamp (haha) on rolling little bits of paper.

Leigh Penner

Wow! These look amazing! I'm thinking this would be a fabulous future MIM....

Kari D

Lovely. Just love the look of if I could just figure out to send the cards without destroying the beautiful work. sigh!

Kelly in Canada

Betsy, when you make a personal goal, you really go for it! All of these cards are very cool! Love the 'Hello Friend' card!


This is beautiful work! Thanks for sharing!

Miriam Prantner

So pretty! I love how you tied the quilling in with the stamped images!

Marlena M

Wow, these projects are amazing Betsy!

A Facebook User

Papertrey + Paper Quilling...a Lovely Union!

Elizabeth S.

These are so beautiful! Quilling has always fascinated me ,but have not given it a try. I just might now.


Simply lovely...and your Pinterest board is astonishing.


This is a great idea! Love it!


Quilling with patterned paper?!?! You rule my world!


Wow Betsy!! Amazing...I usually just admire your cards from afar but today I felt compelled to comment! They are beautiful and add such an elegant dimension to your cards. I will definitely have to give this a go...and like you, I'll be starting at youtube! Thank you so much for're such an inspiration!!


Oh Betsy, they're gorgeous! Love the sets you chose to highlight, they complement the technique perfectly as always. Embroidered Blooms and Quilled Elegance are two of my faves even without the new pizzazz. I think quilling is too fiddly for my clumsy fingers but I might just roll up my sleeves and see if I can give it a shot (sorry, couldn't resist that one!).

Soooo...does this mean I can pick up one of those awesome washboard stomachs from watching youtube videos? ;-P

Meredith MacRitchie

You always amaze me, Betsy! You are truly a master with paper and stamps!!

Laura Turcotte

GORGEOUS! Absolutely gorgeous! I quilled before, only a couple, and it was quite fun! I should do it again!


Paper quilling is the ultimate in paper crafting, IMO. Combining this with PTI stamps is a natural union, which only you, Betsy, could pull off so beautifully! I love all of your cards, but my favorite is Fancy Flourishes. It has the perfect images to highlight quilled embellishment. Thanks Betsy!


These are beautiful! I haven't done any quilling in decades but you're inspiring me to pick it up again!

Marcie Rhys

Holy smokes! You can quill with a heavier weight paper. Thanks for trying this out. The long fluid lines must be very tough to adhere to the paper. (I'm going to try Scrappy Glue if it can tame the heavier paper weight.) Thanks, yet again, for your inspiration.

Sue McGettigan

Super fun, I love the combination of stamping and quilling - you always use such lovely colors!

Sheri E.

I made a few quilling projects back in the late seventies. I think Mom still has one. When she cleaned out her craft drawers I inherited all that quilling paper. And I actually know where it is. Now I'm inspired to pull it out and see what I can come up with. Your cards are beautiful.


I love your quilling work! I am a quiller myself & I'm glad to hear that it's making a comeback. I never thought of using my stamps as a guideline. I normally do picture frames for wedding gifts. I'm going to start working on a couple now for weddings coming up later in the year.

Donna K

It's certainly not obvious that you are a beginner. Just beautiful cards and you are so creative to use your stamps as a guide. Way to go!

Jill norwood

These are wonderful!!

Ohhh Snap

Gorgeous! Thanks for working that out for me lol. I was thinking that die cuts might make a great base for quilling also : ).

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