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October 10, 2013


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Could you be any more creative?!!! That grid line card just blew me away. The layout and colors are perfect.

Erika Hyde

Beautiful projects!!!

Jill Norwood

Lovely projects and more items to love!

Diane Oliver

This is SO DARN CUTE!!! love the little penquin instead of an O!!! Hugs.

Nancy Penir

So many wonderful products masterfully showcased. The use of the word snow as a design element is my fav thing you did.


I love how you combine sets....

Diana K

Love each and every project, especially the grid line design. So clever!

Sara jackson cross

I am never ever surprised..just beautiful!


So cute - especially the penguin!

maria f.

Love the grid design idea but your first card knocked my socks off. Love those colors. Love that bold sentiment stacked diagonally. Then pairing it with the artistic snow drifts. Too cool.

myrna sweet

beautiful job of using the snow die-wow

Nicole Parmentier

Wow, these cards are sooo snowy cool! Love the colors on the first one and the little penguin is so cute!!

Cindy H.

All great projects but really love the grid line card and ready, set, snow - just so beautiful!

Elaine Allen

Betsy -

WONDERFUL ART! You are just so darn talented. Love everything!

Elaine Allen


Love your grid card! Beautiful!

Tara Chaussee

Gorgeous creations! Love all of the different colors and styles but I have to say, the grid card is my fave!

Carol Ann

This New Englander born loves snow and these are gorgeous cards. I know these new items will pop into My Cart on the 15th.

Linda L.

Since I don't get to experience SNOW on a regular basis...I love everything to do with have a winner here.


Even if I hated snow (I only do when I'm shoveling the end of my driveway!), I would want this set after seeing your creations. Each one has something that is inspirational - the color combination of the first, the use of the penguin as the "O" in snow, everything about the third, and the inset "SNOW" in the fourth. Fabulous!

Donna K

You are such a creative person. I love all your projects, colors, everything! Can't wait to see more about the grid lines and I love the SNOW die.

Kelly Braund

Oh my gosh, love all of these ideas! Such cute cards & tag!

Kerian B

fun fun fun, love it seeing what new way you use stamp and die. thank you


Everything is beautiful. You do such excellent creations. I love your grid card. Just so darn clever. Thanks so much.

Holly Saveur it all!

Mendi Yoshikawa

You did an amazing job with today's sets! My daughter would go crazy for the ski card you made (loves to ski and those are her favorite colors) and your Penguin card has captured my heart. So cute! :)

Susan Gosman

Beautiful and inspirational - as always!

Ruth G

These are so inspiring and fun! I love the colors and the clever ways you've used your dies! Thanks so much for sharing!

Sue A

Beautiful cards. I can't pick a favorite, and I love that each one is a really unique from the others.

Mo Jo

The Snow card with the penguin is oh so cute!


Great cards thanks for sharing!

Grace So

Great ideas. I love the stitching lines on the cards. My favorite is the Snow card where you cut out the "o" and replaced it with the penguin.

Jessica Yoder-Jones

Love the "subway art" looking card. Love them all!!

Sharon D

You are amazing! So creative! Love the ski slope card--love them all!!

Patt H.

Your work just blows me away! Gorgeous!!

Becky Green

WOW BETSY!!!!!!!!! ALLLLLLL OF YOUR CARDS ARE FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) YOU ALLLLWAYS BLOW ME AWAY!!!!!!!!:) I LOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!:)

Troy Louise

Wow have you been busy. Love them all, but that stitched lines card is adorable. You are definitely a stamping super star. Can't wait to see the rest of the release. Thanks so much.


As always, you just amaze. Love today's inspiration....and may just have the 'technology' once I have the SNOW die in my hands to make the penguin snow card!


What a wonderful collection of holiday inspiration!!!

Karen Rose

These are just great! You have such a good eye for something different!

Tracey McNeely

All fabulous projects!

janet wilson

Brilliant ideas :) The stitching lines are fantastic - love the effect!

Cynthia Clark

I love the snow word & the card wit the penguin O!

Lindsey L.

Oh, boy! So cute! Love how you inserted the penguin and the grid card you created with the stitching lines dies is incredible.


The penguin card is just so adorable - just so creative!


Fantastic cards and tag! Great colors on the ski card and I adore the penguin card. Nice multi design card, as well. :)

JoAnn K Delery

so many beautiful cards! my favs are center stage and snow!

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