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August 01, 2013


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Wowww!!!! so beautiful!!!!

June K.

Love the airplanes connected with the twine. Thanks for showing us this technique of using Brushstix with the Gelatos. Looks like there are so many ways to use Gelatos.

Keren Baker

Love the little airplanes with that cute colour scheme. I've been resisting Gelatos. Oh dear- I think you've clinched it for me!!


Your hello card is simply amazing! I love the swirly sentiment combined with the lines of happy trails!
And the gelato-effect is STUNNING!!!

Allison T.

I love that gelato technique! Such a great effect! Thanks for the chance to win!

Janice U.

I had bought a few gelatos at my local Michael's but then haven't had a clue how to use them in cardmaking. Now I do thanks to your wonderful card! Thanks!


You always inspire me Betsy. Thank you for revisiting Happy Trails...I can't wait to pull it out and play. Love the Gelato technique, but the red airplane card stole my heart!

Jennifer Delaurier

Love your cards! That effect is amazing, would love to be able to try it out!


Love you paper airplane card!

Sue Dodds

I love this technique. I'm always excited on the first day of the month to see what former set you will be using. You card is great.

Trini Sents

I love the whimsical look you have created with the Gelato's. I will have to try this out soon.


Love this technique; thanks for a chance to win the Gelatoes!

lisa m

Betsy you are awesome, I just love all your projects! I have never tried gelatos but looks fun thanks for a chance to win


I always love seeing what you create!


Wow.. I love papertreyink your vibrant cards. TFS


Awesome inspiration you share with us Betsy! Thanks so much!


Both these cards are cute. Love the colours when you use the gelatos


Love this card and the idea! I can't wait to play with my toys in a new way!


Nancy S

I love what you did with the gelatos! I have always wanted to try them.

Gabriela Divine

What an inspiring set of greeting cards! Those gelatos make it look effortless.

Barb W

I love how you took an old set (and I have it!!!) and match it with a new set (and I have it also!!!) to come up with the cutest card. I have just started seeing gelatos used, and I think I have been reeled in. I think I really need those!

Kathy V.

Oh! How BEAUTIFUL! I'm going to have to get me some Gelatos.

Becky Green

SUPER CARDS BETSY!!!!!!!!! You're SOOOO CREATIVE!!!!!!!!!!:) I'm SURE your daughter LOOOOOOOOVED your first card!!!!!!!! I KEEP ADDING PTI GOODIES to my WISH LIST with your posts!!!!!LOOOOVE these PTI products you've used!!! :) AND your second card is SUPER with the Gelatos & the Scripty Happy Trails sentiment!!!!! LOVE HOW you used them!!!!!!!!:) THANKS for showing us HOW you did it!!!!!!:)


I've been very interested in learning more about Gelatos. I love the way you used it. Very colorful and perfect with the 'colored pencils'. I also like the sweet litte kites on the first card and the twine heart. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

Lisa L. ( Lisa's Creative Niche)

This is stunning!!! LOVE what you did with the Gelatos! And while I don't have any I sure would love to recreate this project! Thanks for the chance!


Such stunning cards!! The little airplane one stole my heart, it would make a great valentine card! I have been seeing projects done with Gelatos, but do not own any. I am loving the look and how easy it is to produce a very beautiful look on cards!

Shawn Wenrich

So colorful and cheery, love your work!

Terri E.

Both cards are stunners!

Elaine Allen

Betsy -

I love your airplane card, how sweet. And your technique with the Gelatos is neat. I love how you combined Happy Trails and Rolling Script. I would never have thought to do that - clever girl.

Elaine Allen

Val P

Your cards are always lovely! I enjoy checking out your blog daily to see what is new. Thanks for the chance to win tropical gelatos. Val from IL.

Pat Baker

I've been eyeing those gelatos for a little while now! Thanks for showing a bit of how they can be used. ..and now I have to get Brushstix! LOL! Love the white-on-white idea with the color pop. I always get inspiration from your blog, Betsy!!!


Love all of your cards. I just picked up some Gelatos at Michael's yesterday but not these colors. Thanks for the chance to win.

Glenna Anderson

Your projects are always inspiring. Thanks for the giveaway.

M. Overdier

I love this technique. You inspire me! I really enjoy seeing some of the older stamps in a new light. Thanks for sharing.


have never played with gelatos but it looks like a wonderful technique.

Jan Pufall

The colors of the gelato a step up the brightness so much. So fabulous!

Kathy DuBose

Wow.. love seeing the gelatos inspiration. I always enjoy visiting your blog..Thanks for sharing.

Judy Hall

Love the way this looks! I want to try this.

Nancy Penir

I've never tried gelatos, and would love to win them! Th ey seem to add so much 'bright' to a project. So much to choose from in Happy
trails. Always a favorite!

Linda Hedfelt

Betsy you are always such an inspiration to me....I just love your work. Both of these cards are adorable!!

Carol S

Who new you could control watercolours? I love how this card turned out Betsy and I know I can always rely on you to show me something new.


I have been curious about the gelatos- thanks for showing how you used them!

Cheryl L.

Those are coolest colors! And I LOVE that stamp set - how cool are those???

Diane Oliver

Betsy I love both your cards and sooooo enjoy all your tips and tricks of the trade. I've not used Gelatos but would love to try them. hugs.

Susan Wesley

Another round of fantastic cards!! Your inspiration is amazing. I've never used Gelatos and never had the urge, until today! Love these cards you created!!


Beautiful cards. This is one of my favorite sets! Thanks for the chance to win! I love gelatos,but don't have these colors!

susan shaffer

Loved the little airplanes flying around in the clouds. I've never used the gelatos, would love to be a winner so I could give them a try. Your card was amazing.

Rhonda H

I always appreciate your tutorials and the corresponding pictures. Great cards.

Rachel Brooks

Love your creativity. Thanks for the details on the second card. Gelatos are on my "some-day" list. Would be great to win them!

Stephanie G,

What fun cards. I've never used gelatos but I love the look!


Fabulous cards! Love the way you used the gelatos. Really cool technique.

Angela H.

I never fail to get inspired by the new things you try. Thanks so much!

Gigi Hahn

Amazing creativity, as always! Love the watercolor technique - I'll have to get some Gelatos soon!

Linda Hopton

You are so amazing! Now I need the Gelatos--they look like a lot of fun!

Leigh Penner

Happy Trails was one of the first sets I bought from PTI and I still love it! I love it when you revisit a set I already own! ;)
Fabulous cards, Betsy! I've never tried Gelatos before..... thanks for the chance to win!

Pat Ackley

It's so nice to have new inspiration for an older set! I love your cards, especially because I have three grandsons who all love making paper airplanes. Thanks Betsy!

Cindy H.

Love the sweet card for your daughter. The heart is so special! Gelatos! I don't own a one. Love how you used them on your second card - so bright and cheery!

Jessica Monte

I would love to win these colors i don't own any and you cards are amazing eye candy

Del Marie Riley

Never played with gelatos before. They sure look like a lot of fun. Love your cards.

Lauren A.

Both of these cards are super cute! I love the twine heart in the first one and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Gelato technique! So clever. :)


Chris Biljan

I'd never heard of Gelatos before - thanks for the introduction!

Sheryl B.

Such a cool card! I've been intrigued by Gelatos lately, so fun to see them in action!

Tasha H

I've thought about trying out the Gelatos, now I'm convinced! Such pretty cards!


Great cards and I'd love to try out those Gelatos!


Amazing cards! I've been seeing these Gelato's everywhere. They must be the new trend in colorizing. thanks for the opportunity to win a set.

Carol Celeste

I love that you are using Gelatos -- I recently acquired some pink and blue ones, but wasn't sure exactly how to use them. The tropical colors look delicious!! thanks for sharing!

Debbie P

Where have I been? I haven't seen gelatos before now, except the kind that you eat. They are beautiful on your card!

Lisa Martin

I'm fairly new to card making (probably one of the only people left to not have heard of Gelatos before:) The reason I'm commenting is that I really enjoy your creative techniques! I am inspired to keep trying to improve when I see your designs. I definitely found the right blog to follow as a beginner!


Your cards are soo cute! I have never worked with Gelatos before. I have seen some cool techniques using them though. Would love to win some! Thanks for the opportunity!

Holly Saveur

Stunning cards...this set is on my wishlist for so long..maybe this time when i order it will be in my basket....


Your work is stunning! I always wonder how you come up with such creative ideas. I love the different techniques with the gelatins, but don't own any...thanks for the opportunity! Heather j.


Well I'd love to give gelatos a try! Love how you made that card! I really like all your cards today, that you for inspiring me to pull out Happy Trails again!

Valerie Wood

What beautiful cards and colors! I would never have thought of most of what you do. You make it look so easy.

Linda Nicholson

Love how you showed the use of the gelatos! Little sticks of watercolor fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

Such fun cards!



Both of your cards are super cute. I really LOVE your Hello There card. I want to try these gelatos SO bad!!

Diana Fleming

Beautiful cards (as usual!). Would love to try those gelato colors. Thanks for the chance :).

Laura Holt

Would love to win and try this technique!

Mary Mac

I love the gelatos they add so much color to my projects and easy to use as you have shown

Angela Rogalski

I haven't had the chance to use these "gelatos" yet, didn't even know how until I read how you used them. I would love to win them!!!!!! Thank you for the chance


I've toyed with the idea of gelatos, but just haven't gotten there yet. Would love to win the gorgeous pack. Great card and inspiration.

Lisa Kind

I always love stopping by and looking at your fabulous work! I've never used these gelatos and have seen them in the store. I would love to win them! Thanks for the chance to win!

Julie T.

Stunning cards as usual!


You make me want every stamp set that you use!!! Your design work is so creative.


Thank you for the instructions on using the gelatos to get that beautiful look.

Marlena M

This is STUNNING Betsy~lovely technique!

Janet W

Love your cards! The gelatos look like they are fun to work with - looking forward to giving them a try. Thanks for the chance to win!

Rachael Burdick

I've always wanted to try the water color technique and these gelatos make it look easy! Thanks for the inspiration and giveaway! I always love your cards. :)


Both your cards are so beautifully crafted. Would love to own gelatos as I'm inspired by your use of the fun technique. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Jennifer K

I've been seeing these gelatos everywhere! They look pretty awesome - love the way you used them on your second card. Maybe even I, who is not at all artistic, could use them! ;)

Sue Speck

LOVE Gelatos and LOVE your way of using them. Thanks also for the nice opportunity to win!

Nancy N

I always enjoy visiting your blog you provide such wonderful inspiration. I guess I must of been hiding under a rock because I hadn't heard of gelatos before. I love how you used ithe Gelatos on your card.


Thanks for showing one way to use the Gelatos. I have some, but haven't really been using them. You given me a great idea.

Anya Marrero

Beautiful cards! I need to try gelatos!!!

Susan Beauchaine

You are a never ending source of inspiration! LOVE your cards ~ every day!!!
The Gelatos look interesting! Especially for a watercolor challenged person ;)

Karen Corbett

Love your watercolour card. I've never seen these Gelato markers. Looks like a lot of fun!!


Super fun! I love the first of the month...always nice to see an old set used in new ways. I've been wanting to try out Gelato's...thanks for the chance to win some!


I love both the color combinations and the playfulness of your cards! I have never tried the gelatos; thanks for the opportunity to win a set! :)

Ann Keever

I would to try the Gelato's. Thanks for a chance to win some!!

Connie Boyd

These look amazing...thanks for the chance!


First time I've seen gelatos. Fun product.

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