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August 21, 2013


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Betsy - I bought the ingredients for your corn dip - can't wait to make it . . . no, TASTE it!!! it says to preheat the oven - are you supposed to bake it???

Larissa Heskett. ;)

So FAuN!! I am Loving all of your AMAZING Creations for today!! I have always been a crayon lover too!! ;) looking forward to this weekend and all of the FUN!! Can't wait to play along!! Thanks for sharing and have a Fabulous Week!! ;)

Becky Green

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE ALL of your projects Betsy!!!!!!!!:) I STILL LOVE ALL of the school supplies!!!!!:) CRAYONS INCLUDED!!! :)

Mary Anne Perlmutter

I am loving the Faber Castell supplies. Now there is a another set of supplies I need to buy. Adult crayon? Betsy your love of color is what makes your creations rock. Thank you.


I love back to school products and I love your projects!

Lori Aragon

Totally GORGEOUS!!! Love them sooo much ♥


" (Environmental Chemistry)

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