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August 24, 2013


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so cool!!

Suzanne Russell

Thanks for demonstrating the concept using the same three colors in all three quantities. Each one is uniquely delightful!

Kathy Mc

Lovely, Betsy ~ TFS! Amazing how different each card looks just varying your gallon, quart & pint colors. Eager to try this technique myself.

Betsy, I love how bright and colorful those cards are! Thanks for rotating the colors through the ratios; it really helps to have a visual of how the look of the card can change depending on what color you use for each quantity.

Marcie Rhys

This video is so great, I'm sending the link to my art buddies. Two more of your tutorials under my belt, and I'm opening my own art school!

By the way, the new photo of you is wonderful. It's fantastic the way photos capture your warm personality, as well as your beauty.

If you are reading this comment tonight, you have my permission to go to bed - NOW. You have earned a very long snooze after today's work.


I have always find it amazing when in a color challenge the cards look so different. Placement of colors is a big problem for me. Thank you so much Betsy for this great video, definitively big guidance.

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