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May 10, 2013


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Carrie Sheridan

Wow! So creative! I especially LOVE the Gummi Bear card! What a fun idea!

Aunt Min

Those Gummi Bears look so yummy!Just BEYOND cute!

Janice Williams

Love the baby word in the different colors. Cute cute cute.

June K.

All your cards are so cute. I especially like the flying monkey and the gummi bears. You are SO creative, Betsy. I would never have thought to create gummi bears. To your question about lots of supplies. . . I like seeing lots of stamps and dies used (both old and new) as it gives me lots of ideas. I tend to be more CAS so I like having ideas as to what goes together well. Happy Mother's Day.

Kathy H

Gummi Bears pop in my head all the time! Love them-they are my go-to snack while stamping and scrapping so I think your idea is totally cool!!

Leigh Penner

Fabulous projects, Betsy! Those gummy bears are ingenious!

Cathy Peper

That gummy bear card is awesome! They look just like the real thing.

Kelly Schirmer

Gummy Bears? ACK! So much the peeking teddy layout at the top. The monkey in the floating carriage is so ADORABLE! Love the sponged sky! I always leave your blog inspired, Betsy!

Tracey C.

Ha ha ha haaaa the gummi bears are AWESOME! :) Love it. All those sweet baby cards...aaaahhhh :) Lots of babies being born all around me this year, this will certainly help with some new ideas! Love the die -- thanks for the inspiration!


Ok, you just about KILLED me, my jaw hit the floor so hard.....Those gummy bears!!!!!
SQUEEEEEEEEEEAL!!!!! (Oh,you really do NOT want to hear me do that) They are AWE. SOME. The others are pure gorgeousness, but OH FOR GOODNESS.....Those bears!!!

Kelli B.

Oh I love this set! I am excited to get this one.


Way cute!! I love each and every card!! I totally love your gummi bear idea!! How do you think of these things!! You always amaze and inspire!!

Marcie Rhys

Holy smokes! There is enough card making goodness here to power a creative battery for the next year.

Your whimsey quotient is off the charts. The circular window on the first card is one I need to try - maybe for Christmas, because it really does call for a 'personality' to peek out. Cutting each of the letters in 'baby' out of different colors, really adds spice. (It took me a moment to figure out it was the white stamped image below.)

And YES,YES I love to see you combine a bunch of sources!!! You do it better than anyone, and so many of Papertrey's stamps work in scale with one another. Can't figure out how you can keep track of the past sets to use though. I've made a paper log of my dies; (Not that I have that many, but it helps other folks who play with me have some idea of their choices.) It is tough, especially with finding sentiments (and mixing words from different sets), by just looking through my stamp cases. Do you have a method, or does that amazing brain of yours just remember all you have?

The color schemes on your girl cards make me weak in the knees. I've learned so much by observing how you use colors. Can't believe the touches that the 'Kate and Co.' dots add. I think you may have started me on a polka-dot frenzy.

And your final card has given me a reason to justify buying the set. (Until I got to the end of the post, I was thinking of going to the store, purchasing a baby, and giving it as a gift to one of my friends, so I could send baby cards to someone. I'd keep the baby, and send the cards to me, but at 60 years old, that would just be eccentric.)

Well, you've probably had enough of my enthusiasm, so I'll just say (again) what a pleasure it is to have you in my life!

Marcie Sharp

Oh my goodness, the gummi bear card is SO cute and fun!! To answer your question- I really enjoy seeing cards that use a blend of older sets because I usually walk away with some ideas and inspiration on how to use them!

Diana K

How ever did you get to be such a big genius??!! Love all of today's projects, but the gummi bears really are special.

Sue (suen)

OMGosh! ALL of your cards are so sweet! I love the cutout circle on the first and the monkey in the carriage is just plain FUN! Then the flower edge on the baby girl card and bows on the lavender card just made my heart melt. The gummi bears are so clever!

fonda rush

i love all of your cards. you are so talented!

Jodi e

Oh Betsy you projects are just to cute this morning. I love them all. Al I love how you always lokok at you stamps and us them in unique ways like the carriage handle.

Janet B. from WV

I love, Love, LOVE every single one of your cards today Betsy!

Kimberly Russell

Every Card is Wonderful!!


The gummi bear idea is genius! You totally pulled it off and I just adore it. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work, Betsy!

Becky Green

OH BETSY!!!!!!!!! These baby cards are SOOOOO STINK'IN CUTE!!!!!!!! :) I ADORE the MONKEY CARD!!!!!!!! IT'S PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND your GUMMI BEAR CARD!!!!!!! :) WOW!!!!!:) (I think the thing about those "ideas" that come in the morning....THOSE are SPECIAL!) :) AND, Do I hate when your cards have ALOT of supplies??? NO! That's PART OF Salesmanship! :) (I understand that!) AND sometimes, that's JUST THE WAY IT IS to get the GORGEOUS CARD!!!!!! :)

Paula Nemethy

All your cards are gorgeous!

Carrie :)

Betsy, you are genius in the craft room! First, I LOVE it when you combine many sets. It's part of your genius! Second, my DD and her friends are Gummy Bear crazy and you've single-handedly put a baby item on my shopping list when it otherwise would not have been!! I absolutely need to make some of those gummy bears for birthday cards! Thanks for sharing!!

Nancy Penir

Well, the thinking genius dreams in techni-color! Lovely for all of us! The row of die cut bows is a favorite. All keepers.

Gerri K

OMG!!! LOVE the gummi bears!! Genius!!!


Adorable cards!! I just love those gummi bears :)

Nancy N

Betsy I would just like to have a quarter of your creative mind!! Lucky for us we can feed off of your creativity. Gosh all your cards are simply adorable! You now have me craving Gummi Bears...hahaha.

Mary Marr

Very great month of ideas to keep me busy. Bring them on!


OH MY, all of the cards you made are so super cute! The Gummi bear card would be perfect for my SIL b-day he just loves his Gummi bears! Thanks for sharing these wonderful cards!


Oh How FUN are the gummi bears!!


Love your creations!! LOVE the gummi bear card!! So clever!

Cyndy G

You come up with some amazing ideas! Love the gummy bear card. My daughter-in-law saw a post on Pinterest for Vodka Gummy Bears. I think I'll make her some and your card (if you don't mind?) for her birthday in June.

Lynda Marquez

Adorable...especially the gummi bears! I love the way you combine the old with the new sets...really helps to see new ways to use the sets that I have!

Susan Gosman

As soon as I saw this set I knew you would do something special with it and, boy, was I right!

Mendi Yoshikawa

You turn every stamp set to gold! I love all your soft, sweet baby cards, but leave it to you to think of something so fun and out of the box like the gummi bears! Darn it! Having you on this team is trouble for my credit card. ;)


Awesome, love your creative whimsey humor twist to things....keep them coming

Luanne Ford

gummi bears ~ too clever! All adorable!


The gummi bear technique is one I'll use for my granddaughter for her birthday, since gummi bears are good any time, right?! Love all your cards, Betsy! Creativity runs in your veins and we benefit from your sharing with us. Thanks so much!!

Holly Saveur



Your work is always incredible! Love the monkey and the gummi bears, so adorable.


From the enthusiasm of the comments you receive, I do hope you realize that you are doing everything just right. Your mix of stamp sets, both new and old, is part of what I love about your PTI projects. It makes me look at my stamps in a new way... or just look at them again. I am in awe at how you are able to keep track of them all.

I adore the whimsy that you gave us today.

Linda E

Love it when you use a bunch of supplies/stamp sets; while I might not have exactly the same thing, wheels start turning as to what I can combine that I wouldn't otherwise have thought of.

All cards are adorable, but the gummy bears - wow!

Tracey McNeely

All so fabulous Betsy! Love all these baby card. The gummies are the bomb!


Betsy-girl, you are just brilliant! That gummi bear card is just over the top darling and so ingenious! I have a family that loves gummi bears so guess what?! Yep, gotta make that one! And the monkey in the carriage?! (reminds me of a curious george antic!) Loved him! I needed that a month ago!

Please continue to show us examples of combining sets. I LOVE fresh ideas and ways to use them, but typically don't have time to puzzle them together as I'm always in a rush and have to case something. And do share how you decide to use which sets. It's also hard for me to put things together unless I have everything spread out in front of me so I can see it... but again, space and time constraints don't allow for me to do that...

Do you come up with ideas first or do you play with the goodies and then an idea is born?

Thanks for all your incredible creativity!

Barbara M

Wow I love all your cards! I love all the details and wish I had all the stuff you have to put it all together. I use some of the ideas though, even by no means that I can begin to match what I see you pull out of your magic crafting idea box! These products are going to be fun to own, even though I will only be able to buy a few.

Troy Louise

Wow! You are a super star. All of these cards are amazing, but that gummi bear card is without a doubt one of the best I've ever seen. I have no problem with you using older sets in your cards. It does make me want to buy them if I don't already have them so you are a great saleswoman for PTI! Thanks so much.


Love your cards and love the polka dots!

Grace So

Love all of the cards. I expecially loved the gummi bear card. I can't wait to try this technique.
The other cards are unique and original. The way that you use old and new stamps and dies makes want to reuse the older stamps and dies.

Helen F.

Betsy, your baby cards are just adorable! Your designs are always so inspiring. Love the gummy bears~~they really make me smile :)

Jill norwood

Betsy Your cards are AMAZING!!!!!! I love the way you combine the sets and come up with amazing cards! It helps me to think outside of the box too! Thanks for your incredible inspiration! You made my Friday night!

janet wilson

LOVE everything you create, Betsy - it's amazing how you pull different sets together - the results are phenomenal :) My daughter would "flip her lid" at the gummy bear card - she loves them (ahem, and she is 25 - LOL)


Betsy...just have to say I LOVE it when you go all out with many different stamps and dies. The gummy bears are adorable. I can see that idea keeping quite few little folks happy in the church pew on a Sunday morning!

Barbara S

Fabulous cards! Thanks for sharing.

Carol Ann

I keep a stash of Gummi bears handy when I scrapping. Love that candy And your yummy cards featuring sweet babies.

Larissa Heskett  =)

OMG!! WOW~WOW~WOW What a CREATIVE Post!! LOVING all of the FUN ideas and I think the Gummi Bear Card is my all time FAVORITE!! =) THANKS for sharing and have a Fabulous Week!! =)


Love the different colored letters in the first "baby" card and how you snugged it down into the partially cut angled card stock. Your little gummi bears are just so darn cute. You're on a roll, again. Thanks for sharing your wonderfully creative brain with us.

Kathy Mc

You always come up with such different ideas and techniques. Triple embossing the gummi bears, partially die-cutting "baby" at an angle and also stamping the word in various colors all created fabulous results. WTG, Betsy!

Sheri E.

I love all these cards but when I got to the Gummi Bear one I was shocked. Love how those ideas come about. I think I may need that set now. I like when you mix up old and new sets. Obviously I can't always buy everything every month and it helps to see what the DT keeps reaching for, and new ways to use sets I may already have. For instance, I liked the Rosie Posey but didn't get it until Dawn used it over and over, now I have one.

Thank-you so much for sharing your creativity with us.

Carolyn G.

Betsy, you are amazing!! Love all your creations!


Outstanding post, highlighting Mel's and Heather's new sets! The peeking teddy card is darling. The "flying" carriage is so cute. The baby girl (#3) is so sweet. The gummy bear card is to die for! One of the most clever, fun, creative cards I've seen! THANKS for sharing your fab ideas. :)

Lee Cockrum

I love your amazing creativity using different sets together. It would be great if you can do a post on your design process, answering the questions people have listed above;) And the Gummi bears are just over the top!!


What an amazing collection of cards! The last one is sooo cool! Looks like a bunch of gummy bears! TFS!

Diane McVey

Wow, all the cards are fantastic! I love the baby cards, and I have a new Granddaughter whom I haven't sent a card to yet! I know which set I'll be using!! And the gummi bears card is precious, what a cute idea. . .
Thank you for all the GREAT inspiration. You are truly gifted with talent!
Have a great weekend. :D

Judy Williams

I love the cards. I think I need a new grandchild so I have an excuse to make a card like yours.

Ruth S

Great cards Betsy - I love the baby diecut on the diagonal and then re-cut so it adds that extra dimension... so clever and a great bit of wow-factor!


Oh my! Your gummy bears are adorable and brilliant!

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