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March 26, 2013


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Woohoo! Congrats! You are in the best teams and well deserved!


I am SO happy you are staying! You are such a delightful person and you inspire me so much!

Troy Louise

Congratulations! I can't imagine Paper Crafts without you. You never stop amazing me with your creativity. Best of luck with spring break!

Emily Branch

You are my absolute FAVORITE crafter EVER! You always have the most genius ideas and impeccable attention to details! SO THRILLED that you're staying on another term! :-)

Becky Green

GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) WOW!!!!!!!! I want to try this technique!!!!!! :) I SOOOOOOO AGREE with Emily Branch! (just above) CONGRATULATIONS on staying on at Paper Crafts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) (They'd be CRAZY to let you go!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) :)

Leigh Penner

Congratulations on being able to continue as a Go-To-Girl, Betsy! I'm so happy for you!


Thank you for your inspiration ~ you are so talented.


I lire your blog, wonderfull créations!

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