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February 05, 2013


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LOVE all of your favorite PTI projects! Looking forward to seeing more from you! Thank you!

Becky Green

These are MY FAVORITES TOO!!!!!!!!!! :)

Jocelyn Olson

What a fun post, Betsy! It was great to see your favorites! LOL about remembering events or the weather when you made the projects...I'm the same way.

Susie Wittwer

I can certainly see why these cards are your favorites. Each one is just perfect!
You are so VERY talented and your work has inspired me on many occasions!


While I admire all of the PTI team, you are the one that always makes me think I have to have the products. I love everything you do.

June K.

I remember when you made these cards. In particular I remember thinking your lab coat and the flip flop cards were totally awesome and saying to myself "how does she come up with these great ideas?" And it sounds like these two came together just as you had envisioned in your head. I love your In the Meadows card - looks way too detailed for me to even attempt to CASE.

Leigh Penner

Betsy, I'm so very glad that you are a part of the PTI DT! I've spent a lot of money over the past couple of years because of you-- I think you're worth your weight in gold!


so fun to look back-how far everyone has come since the early days

Cindy Reynoso

So glad to be seeing your projects for another year! They always make me happy and I've actually incorporated your designs into some of my cards...Such great ideas and inspiration! Thank you!

Mendi Yoshikawa

You are my card making hero! It would be so hard for me to narrow it down to only 6 favorites from you, but several of these definitely would make my list. So cute and inspiring! :)

Becky P.

Your blog and creations always put a smile on my face. I love color and your projects always sing!! I am so excited to have another year of your amazing talents!


You really are so talented Betsy! I always enjoy stopping by your blog and seeing your work! I love seeing your work and publications too! And I can tell that you're really nice person! Thank you for inspiring us and keep up the great job!

Diana K

You are such an inspiration! I feel your heart and love of crafting in every single one of your projects.

Carol Wilson

I think it's wonderful that your projects bring all kinds of memories to you... your heart was really in them! Always love seeing your beauties!


Hi Betsy... each month I skip down the PTI list to check out your creations first :-) and while all of the designers result in a bruised jaw, your colourful, balanced happy creations often have me bouncing in my chair! Thank you for sharing your amazing creativity!!!!

Susan Gosman

Your Love Potion makes me smile also! Thanks for the lovely inspiration.

Jeannie L

Love all your favorite projects. Thank you for sharing your creativity and for all the inspiration. I look forward to more.


Your projects are always so inspiring! I just received the flip flops die not too long ago and had not yet played with them until I saw your flip flop card again. So incredibly cute! Everytime I see it reminds me of a story about living in Hawaii. My Fiancee was showing a wealthy investor some condo projects he was renovating. They always leave their flip flops(slippers) at the door. The investor left his $200 slippers at the door and some guy traded (stole)his crappy $5 Locals slippers for the investors $200 slippers. haha

Laura Jane

Your All My Heart Chalkboard card is my #1 favorite of yours form PTI:) Thanks for the GREAT tutorial that you made on this technique. I think its teh best one out there:0
Have a GREAT PTI 2013!

Nicki Lundeen

Loved your projects..especially the flip flop card

Luanne Ford

Betsy, as I went down your list, I kept saying, "oh, this is my favorite, oh this is my favorite, oh, I remember this one is my favorite, etc.... They are all totally awesome! I can't pick a favorite!! Thank you for your wonderful creativity and how you share it with all of us! You're the bomb!

Elizabeth S.

I just love your chalkboard card. I have yet to give it a try. Thank you for all your inspiration.

Jodi e

Hey Betsy a little secret shhhhh many mornings when I first wake up and it is dark you are there on the screen of my IPad. I check your blog often and love your creativeness.

see mary stamp

So excited to have another year of Betsy inspiration to look forward to. I remember when I saw the pop-up In the Meadow card for the first time and gasping out loud. Thanks for bringing such beauty to our lives.

Greta H

Got a kick out of your picture with the 6 cards. We girls sure can change our look with a haircut! I really love your videos--everything is explained so well. My favorite here is the In the Meadow card--fabulous. One of my all-time favorites, though, is this MIM card
Thanks for all the inspiration, Betsy!

Julie Ann

Awesome projects, I love them all. Your blog is great I check it every day.

Holly Saveur

YOU sure inspire me each time..and make me want to buy those stamps!!
Love all the ones you choose and cased some of them already...thanks so much for all your inspiration Betsy!


Loving your flip flop card right now. I am on vacation in Kauai. They call em slippahs over here. So loving the weather and wearing my slippahs! I brought 4 pairs and bought another. HeeHee
Hey if you make any of the cards for selling that you posted on the PP blog I would love to get one.

Peggy Allen

Love all the cards especially the chalk board technique. Thank you for sharing your PTI projects this year.
God bless,
Peggy Allen

Beth W

The pop-up card really caught me eye.So much detail-fantastic job.

Jill Norwood

Betsy - I love your favorites and really every single card you make! You always, always, always inspire me! And I have learned so much this year from all of the designers. I still feel I have a long way to go but my cards are starting to get better - yeah! And most importantly I enjoy making them! Thanks for the inspiration, the tutorials and make it monday videos and sharing this craft that I love so much!
Hugs and Happy Anniversary to Papertrey Ink
:) Jill

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