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February 10, 2013


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Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! They're all going in my cart on the 15th!


Betsy... each of the cards are so AWEDoME!! The color combinations and clever placement and use of the stamps and dies.... I want it all!

ps love the new "the goods" graphic

Natasha Kara

You never cease to amaze me with your creative take on things every month! I loved all your projects today. There's something for everyone.

Nancy Penir

Beautiful creations, especially that vintage card! Great color combo!

Jill norwood

Betsy I love the way you inked up these gorgeous new florals with two tones of ink! So beautiful! I love ranunculas! And they are my sisters very favorite flower. Her birthday is the 16th of February so I know next year I will make her birthday card with this set! I tried a green chalkboard card in your honor last night! So fun and i just love them!
: ) Jill

Leigh Penner

Gorgeous cards, Betsy! I was so glad to see that you were previewing this set today-- I knew if anyone could sell me on it, it would be you! You had me from your very first card!


Absolutely gorgeous!! Totally amazing projects, every single one!!

Holly Saveur

SUPER cards!!!!

Becky Green

You just have A WAY WITH FLOWERS Betsy!!!!!!!!!! :)


Yep!! You sold them!!! Dawn needs to give you a commission!!! Ha!!!! Love the very first one...the last one....ooooh and the ones in between!!! Great job!!!

Deb H

Wow, love your cards today. They make the Cutting Garden a must have

jan m

All so very beautiful Betsy!

Elizabeth S.

Beautiful cards! I especially like the one with the take three die.


These are all beautiful. I think the firstone is my most favorite though.Love the colors you used.

Kathy H

I love, love, love that last card. The flowers in this set are wonderful!

Laura Jane

Such pretty cards using the new floral set Betsy! GREAT detail as usual:)

Kara Parish

I loved your last card! Inking the edges with the darker color really made the blooms pop! Gorgeous card!!


Your cards are gorgeous! Especially. Your first card.

Mary Marr

can't wait for the 15th, all I need is more flowers but have to have these, they are beautiful. Way to go! You are so talented, thank you for sharing with us!

Jodi e

These are beautiful. Love the double colors and the shading.


Need I say more? .......BEAUTIFUL, Betsy :)

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