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February 09, 2013


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Ann Lind

Did you color the image on the transfer paper or on the bag and what did you use for coloring copics or? The bag is wonderful can't wait to try this technique. TFS


Super cute bag...

Kim G

Adorable bag, you always come up with such unique ideas!!

June K.

Beautiful bag. The secret is out now on how you got the image on your bag. I never thought about transfer sheets. Thanks for the BIG tip.


Awesome Betsy! Thank you so much for sharing the transfer paper technique. I too know I'd never be brave enough to stamp directly on the fabric. Was also wondering about inks. Sounds like the transfer paper makes it easy peasy!

Charlene B.

Hi Betsy! I would love to see this on a Make it Monday video. It's such an awesome project. Thanks for sharing.

Holly Saveur


Rhonda H

I agree with StephH. This would be a great MIM. Thanks for the inspiration.

Suzanne Russell

I just ordered the HP Transfer Paper. Thanks for the link! This technique suits my "fear of failure" level and will let me enjoy the process of decorating some of these adorable bags with confidence. The Fancy Folk Art design is a new favorite and perfect for this application. Thanks for always inspiring!

Leigh Penner

This is so sweet and cool, Betsy! Thanks for sharing your tip about the iron-on transfer paper-- that would make me a lot less nervous about stamping, too!


So clever!!!!

Nancy Penir

I'm for the MIM video! We need help! Gorgeous, Betsy!


Betsy, it's always a delight to see what you are creating. I love the idea of using stamp sets in different ways. All of the Papertrey Ink designers did such a nice job showing us different media ideas with these sweet little bags.

Chris K

Love the bag! Did you color onto the transfer paper or directly onto the bag after transfering the image?

Holly McClellan

I just love this! I would also like to see this as a Make It Monday video. I really want to make this project, but am unclear as to the process. I don't want to ruin expensive materials trying to figure it out. Thanks so much.

Tracey C.

Gorgeous! Love what you did here -- the image looks perfect! Crisp, clean, and beautiful. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

Elizabeth S.

Such a fantastic bag and tag. Thanks for the tip to use iron on transfer paper.

Ana R

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing with us! Can't wait to try this. One question: How did you color the image? Did you color first and then transfer or transfer and then color using. . . ?

Laura Jane

Oh so PRETTY! Thanks for the tip!

Tara Chaussee

Gorgeous! I am so excited to get these bags and try it myself! Thanks for all the info


Sounds like everyone would like a MIM for this technique-great idea!Love how crisp it looks.

Pati L.

Very cool! Thanks for sharing this idea! Very pretty too!

Greta H

I agree--great idea for a MIM video. I've never used transfer paper, but I'll be so much more likely to try this knowing I won't ruin the fabric. Thank you!

Michelle W

Betsy, you've just armed me with my "small gift" idea for the rest of the year! Teachers, coaches, EVERYONE, will be getting a little bag of goodies with individually stamped images just for them! :-) Beautiful!


Coloring is wonderful! I need to make bags with fine detail, can you recommend where to purchase the bags you have in the picture? They seem to be thick, tightly woven and with nice chording. THANKS!!!

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