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February 14, 2013


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June K.

Love that bracelet, Betsy. I want one. I guess I'll have to try my hand at making one. Adorable packaging, too.

Suzanne Russell

What a fun and springy little bracelet! This really gets me going with accessory design ideas. Thanks, Betsy. :)


Love your sweet little bracelet!!
What a great idea!!! Thanks for the inspiration Betsy!!

Luanne Ford

Fabulous! Maybe I'll pull out my bead die and try again! Super cute!


Betsy, Thanks for showcasing what else you can do with this set. I don't have anyone to make barrettes for, but I love the bracelet and card! I always love your creations the best!


I love your mix of colors! My niece would love these. Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration!

Deb H

I love the bracelet (and the packaging). I want to figure out how to make one. I like how you cut out the flower at the top of the card


Amazing just doesn't begin to express how awesome your project is! Please, please, please say you'll be doing a tutorial on how to make your bracelet - it totally rocks! My daughter would LOVE!!!! (and that's an understatement) if we could learn to make such a neat gift for her friends. Super cool Betsy!!! You never cease to amaze me with your talent - it's unlimited!

Tracey McNeely

Adorable bracelets and your packaging is as usual sweet!

andrea smith.

love your bracelet, betsy! what a fun gift for someone (& pretty package too)!

Dana Kirby

Wow, I love your bracelet! I Need one :) Can you show us how to make one? You are always such an inspiration, your work and ideas are amazing!

Jill Norwood

Oh Betsy! What a lovely bracelet with wonderful details! I want to learn to make it too!!! I hope you do a tutorial as I know my 4 sisters would love them too! Thanks for the inspiration!!!


I love this bracelet PLEASE do a tutorial on how to make one!

Mary Lou Kemp

Very cute bracelet. What a super little gift and the package is all part of the surprise too.

Patty J

Yes! Love this! My daughter is too old for the barrettes, but this would be perfect for the tweens and up. You are a genius!


Ditto, ditto. Can you show us how to make the bracelets with the PTI products?


Betsy, this is just awesome! Totally want to make one now.

Becky Green

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! YOU are SOOOOO TALENTED BETSY!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!! :)


There seems to be no limit to your creativity! Love it

Nancy Penir

If you'd ever had 'tweens' itching for something to do, this is the perfect project! And lovely too! Thank you Betsy! This is going in my file.

Donna K

The colors make me yearn for Spring! I think we need a Make it Monday video for the bracelets. I would love to sport a wrist full of those in the next couple months. The entire project today is just adorable.


Love the colors AND that bracelet is sooooo cute!!


I love this soooo much. Please do a tutorial, please?!

Rachele Funk

I do hope you'll show us the "how" to YOU MADE THIS! It is amazingly beautiful and fun! Thanks!


The colors you used make me yearn for spring. The bracelet, packaging and card all contain the usual Betsy magic.

Linda L

Betsy, you made a WOW bracelet. I bought the Beautiful Bead Die back before Christmas and as a matter of fact made a Valentine's braclet for my sister. This is just more fuel for the fire. Thanks for the unique style that always make me smile:)

Lynne Phelps

Love this! I hope you will do a future post on where you bought the findings and how you attached the braids so neatly, as it looks oh so professional!

Elizabeth S.

Such a fantastic bracelet! I think I will have to give it a try.

Jessie McLaughlin

Oh Betsy so cool! I had not thought of bracelets! Think I really need to try this too!!

Lori B

Love this bracelet! I hope you will consider a MIM on the how to for ,making it. Or maybe share where you found the instructions!?!? it is so pretty with it's lovely spring colors.


Love the bracelet so much I even had co-workers standing around my computer screen trying to figure out how you made it! Yes, like many others asked, a tutorial please. Thanks for your inspiration!!!!


Wow, that bracelet is a show stopper. I love all the strands together in one bracelet. And the colors are perfect. Great idea for something to do with the granddaughters. Thanks so much. I'm off to google braided bracelets.


Hi! Do you use Twitter? I'd like to follow you if that would be okay. I'm definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

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