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January 10, 2013


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Tracey C.

Your projects always make me say "wow!". Always love your color schemes, too. The texture in the first card is perfect - the gray on the second card, paired with the bright pop of the flowers, and how you used the stems to frame the sentiment - gah! And the last one - I love how the circle overlay really just brought it all together - fun...I think that's the word I would associate with 95% of your cards...and I like fun :) Have a great day!

Marcie Rhys

Just love the way you used the 'heart 2 heart' set. The 'tremendous tags' dies are fabulous. White tags on white background...brilliant! And I love the rainbow color theme showing though the circles background plate die...sigh.

As an aside, I now refer to you as 'my gal', and friends of mine know I'm talking about you......again. It's total bliss having you in my universe. Thank you for choosing to share your talents with us.

Barb Ghigliotty

I love visiting your blog during the PTI release to see your amazing cards and projects! So many lovely designs...thank you so much for inspiring me!


Oh, these are just so bright and pretty, and FRESH, Betsy!!!


Wow!!!!! Bold, bright and beautiful - what simply brilliant ideas you have, Betsy :)

Suzanne Russell

I am SO excited to hear that we get Tremendous Tags dies and love the combination of the H2H #12 with them. Fun, colorful and creative as always, Betsy! Love your work. : )


Betsy, you have somehow outdone your usual creative self with these cards. They're awesome! (Why don't I ever think of turning a flower stem sideways!?!)
-- Connie C.

Cindy Reynoso

Love your cards! Wish I had an ounce of your

Mendi Yoshikawa

You do such beautiful work--Way to make these two little stamp sets really shine. I love them all! :)

Ruth G

Your card designs are so wonderful! I love how you use white along with color to create light and lovely cards! Thanks so much for sharing! You make me want everything so I can try and make projects like yours!

Elizabeth S.

I just love how bright and cherry your cards are! I especially like the first one with the new Tremendous tags die.

Holly Saveur

Stunning cards!

Laurie Hunt

Betsy, I love all of these cards! I think you have sold me on everything and then some from today's release peak. I look forward to the Tremendous tags -- they were cute tiny but this makes them even more useful!

Melissa S.

Amazing cards! My favorite is the one with the circles! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I love all the bright colors you used on all of them.

Troy Louise

Oh boy, which one is my favorite? These are all delightful. Love what you did on the last card. And, as always, such beautiful color combos. Thanks!

Tracey McNeely

Excellent and so inspiring today Betsy. I always look forward to your posts during release week!


Wow! Great cards as always & I am inspired yet again... Thanks so much...

Linda M

You just amaze me!!! You have such wonderful designs for your cards. Waiting impatiently for the release!

Mary Anne Perlmutter

Betsy you have such a way with color. All of your cards are lovely. This looks like a fun set to own.

Kathy Mc

The stems framing your sentiment are just brilliant. You are such a genius when it comes to gorgeous creations ~ very unique. Great Day 1 of the release, Betsy!

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