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January 18, 2013


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Lee Cockrum

I doubt you ever stink at any technique! Just might not fit your style, that's all! This card is beautiful!


Welcome home, Miss Betsy! This is a gorgeous card. I think it's often fun to stretch out and try a new thing, even if it doesn't work out the first time. I hope you'll revisit that idea again, sometime. I find that letting a thing percolate for a while does wonders for the second try!

Karen L

What a beautiful card! The soft look is so prefect for the scripture on the card. You always have such wonderful cards.

Becky Green

I TOO LOVED Nichole's card!!!!!!!!!! YOUR CARD is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I LOOOOOOOOOVE the softness of it! AND what a BEAUTIFUL SCRIPTURE to use too!!!!!!! I'm SURE the family that will receive it will SOOOO APPRECIATE IT & your THOUGHTFULNESS!!!!!!!! :)GLAD to hear you enjoyed CHA!!!!!!!! :) Can't wait till you share!!!!!!! :)I know what you mean about being a "home-body!" :)

Emily Keaton

This is just beautiful, Betsy. I'm so sorry it was so hard to make, but I believe you did a beautiful job and it will accomplish just what you need it to.

Jocelyn Olson

Your card turned out beautifully. I'm sure the family will appreciate it. I really like the brayered edges...I never think to use my brayer. Great idea!

Tracey C.

Now, I'm not sure if there was another attempt that made you say you stink at it...but if you're referring to this beauty as the example, then I wish I could stink as much as you! lol. This is beautiful, I love what you did around the edges with the brayer. I'm so sorry that you had to make this card, and for what ever this family is going through...sending some prayers for strength their way, I know HE knows who it's for :) Have a marvelous weekend!


This is absolutely beautiful!

Elizabeth S.

Such a gorgeous card! I love your take on the watercolor technique.


Love the watercolor look on the edges, Betsy! And I'm sure the family receiving this card will really appreciate it. Beautiful work as always! Meeting and spending time with you at CHA was so much fun!


So soft and peaceful ! Just perfect for the occasion. Beautiful!

Colleen F

Beautiful card...the sentiment is perfect, I just sent that exact one to a friend also who is struggling with aging parents! You have more talent in your little pinkie than I have in my whole body...your work is always fabulous!

Mary P

Betsy,The card is lovely.My husband passed
away in December as a result of lung cancer.I had found that passage in Issiah and had written it on a piece of paper which he kept with him as a confort in his battle.

Holly Saveur

Its very sweet and precious.

Carole Burrage

It was so great to meet you at CHA, Betsy! I'm so sorry for the family who is enduring hardship, but I'm sure they will be moved by your lovely card. That scripture is perfect.

Leigh Penner

Beautiful card, Betsy!


Oh, this is just STUNNING. So soft and beautiful... I love it!

Rebecca Ednie

Not sure why you think you arent good at watercolour. Looks great to me!

Paulette S

It is just so serene and beautiufl. I love the colors you used and how you used them. What a great friend you are with moral and physical support.


I love the soft, pastel tones of this beautiful card!


You definitely get high marks with this card and will be adding the note stamp and the bless ings stamp set to my next order. Love the color effect. Very nicely done.


Beautiful card the watercolor look of it.

Tammy W.

Love the idea of using a brayer to ink the edges using the watercolor technique, such a soft look that really packs a punch. Betsy, you are brilliant! Now I must go find that brayer that has been hiding my craft room for years! ; )

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