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December 10, 2012


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Mary Dawn

you are some kind of genius, betsy veldman! these are all so cute and never cease to amaze me

Cheryl B.

You are my stamping idol and I want to be you when I grow up!!! (Oh, I'm already 56!) The sweater die turned lab coat is pure genius. And I'm nominating you for the Nobel Peace prize in Chemistry! HAHA.

Danielle Flanders

Are you kidding me? You are so clever with your supplies - just amazing!! Love the hexagon and chalkboard cards, and the lab coat. Seriously cute!


All your cards are great today but the lab coat card! Absolutely genius! Another great way to use the sweater die.

Karen Corbett

Love all of your cards today, Betsy. Can't wait to try some of the fun techniques you've highlighted.

Jodi e

Fun ideas! I really need to try the chalk board technique. Also the more I see the chemistry set the more I see owning it.

Paula e

What creative use of the new stamp set! I am in awe of you. The lab coat card is over the top clever.


Betsy, you are amazing. Your projects are always jaw-dropping.

Pam G

You're creations are fabulous. Especially love how you turned the sweater into a lab coat. Would make great guy cards using a tweedy paper.

Jennifer K

I like all your samples, Betsy. That Love Potions set looks just plain adorable and ultra fun. Thanks!

Anne G

Your creativity is just amazing! These are fabulous!

Cindy H.

Omgosh, how DO you come up with such fabulous ideas?! Love all of your cards!

Leigh Penner

Okay, Betsy, I just have to say how incredible your cards are! I'm in awe of your creativity! These are all amazing!!

Larissa Heskett  =)

WOW I LOVE so many of your cards shared today!! Such FUN designs and ideas, as usual!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

June K

That lab coat is SO clever. OMG! So adorable. I'm so glad you come up with these great ideas to help me "think outside the box." That sweater die can be used to make so many different things (I just need help thinking what).

Rhonda H

You are making my think I need a little chemistry. Great inspiration.

Becky Green

OH MY GOODNESS BETSY!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR CARDS ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE THEM ALLLLLLLLLL! :) I KNEW that lab coat was from the sweater-die when I saw it! AND I LOOOOOOOVE your "grunge" heart card!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S PERFECT!!!!!!!!! :) Your Teacher card & chemistry cards are FABULOUS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!


Clever as always Betsy! Love those atom rings. I love how you "see" things and transform them into something completely new. So cool!

Cindy O

These projects are all fabulous. The lab coat is just amazing. Thanks for sharing with us!

Kelly Griglione

The chalkboard card is a great addition to your collection, but holy smokes, that lab coat is so darn creative! How cool is that?!?


Still waiting to purchase the hexagone plate, loved what you did with it with the science theme, just to clever.


Betsy, these are great! I love the soft colors in your final card (the one with the die cut heart.) Looks like watercolor, and it's just so soft and romantic.


Awesome cards Betsy. My fave is the one where you used the octagonal die. Genius!
-- Connie C.

Alyssa S

Absolutely fabulous! I love all your little details like the Dr. Love! Just great!

Cathy Weber

FABULOUS!!! You are officially the most creative person I have ever known, even though I don't actually know you in person! Such a smart idea to make the lab the turned up sleeve holding the bottle. Great idea, bet this sells tons and tons of sets!


You are brilliant, Betsy. The very sweet flask and love cards sandwiched some of the most clever and thoughtful cards I've ever seen. Your take on Dr. Love with his own personalized lab coat; the chalkboard of scientific symbols, which caused me to flash to a person furiously scribbling formulas and equations that they were trying to solve; and the hexagon plate as a chemical structure absolutely brought Lizzie's set to life for me. Wow, just wow.

Lizzie Jones

Your projects are beautiful, Betsy! Thank you so much for making Love Potion truly shine!

Mendi Yoshikawa

Sooo many great ideas!!! I especially love the lab coat and chalk board cards! You're creativity is AMAZING! :)

Holly Saveur

WOW Betsy I am in LOVE with your cards!!!
Such stunning ideas!


As always a very inspiring post. Love the spinning atom card but their all stellar.

Denise E

Ok, the genius named Betsy has done it again! That "Dr. Love" labcoat card is the most adorable thing ever! I love ALL your cards with these sets. Your chalkboard cards are simply amazing too. Thanks so much for sharing!


Every month I look forward to being thrilled by your creativeness and every month you exceed my expectations! Amazing Betsy!!!

Barbara Thompson

OK! These are so wonderfully creative!! Especially love that sweater turned into a lab coat. Gotta have these stamps!!


You absolutely ROCKED that graffiti card!

Rebecca Ednie

Wow, these are all wildly creative. Some of your best work ever, especially the chalk board! And all so different! You deserve brownie points from Nichole! But I must point out one small, hilarious but slightly rude spelling mistake!!! I think you mean we are getting a peek, not peed of these stamps! Hee hee, ha ha, LOL!!! ROFLMBO!! Might want to kick that spell checker in the hinney! My chuckle for the day!! Ok, maybe it's not that funny but I am tired... Sigh. Have a great day!

Sharon D

Betsy, you are truly a creative genius! You think of so many fabulous ideas! Love the lab coat with the sleeve holding the beaker, love the spinning atom image on the chalkboard, love the hexagon card--love them all! You are amazing!

Troy Louise

Oh Betsy - where to start! These are all fabulous. The lab coat is adorable & so creative. The chalk board card is darling, the chemistry card with the hexagon die . . . I love them all. Thanks so much.


Once again, you are brilliant!

Kelly Schirmer

AWESOME creativity! That chalkboard card, the hexagon helix and the LAB coat? So amazing!!! Most creative Valentines EVER!

Sherry in MI

Oh, Betsy, you have outdone yourself. Each
card is cuter than the last. Can't pick a
fave. You are so creative!!!

Michelle M

you absolutely amaze me each month!!!


your cards are so clever and amazing!!


Such cute and clever projects!

Elaine daniels

Being a former chemistry teacher these cards went straight to my heart. I can,t wait to get my hands on this set. You used them to perfection.

Janet S

Love that lab coat, guess I need that sweater die after all! Oh dear!!!

Renee M.

Wow! Your creativity really shines with these projects--thanks for sharing :)

jan m

Your teacher card is to love! The colors, chalkboard, your clever 'spinning atoms'!

Debbie Olson

Betsy, once again, you amaze me--but then you ALWAYS do that!


Awwwww, I love those projects! They are awesome, and as always whimsy and colorful. I swear you have a style like nobody else and I truly enjoy your creations! <3 :-)

Lisa Petrella

Betsy, these projects are so incredibly clever and totally ADORABLE!!! LOVE all of the little details in each one!!!

Tammie Koehnen

You are the "Queen of stamping" my dear Betsy! LOVE everything you created with the new PTI sets. :)

Tracey C.

Knocked me right out of my chair! Such an amazing, creative eye you have!! Thanks for sharing your creativity -- brilliant!!


OMG.... I just had to post and say it again... OMG.... I love all of your cards!!!! That Dr. Love card - wonderful! Not i've got to add that die to my list! Thanks for sharing all of your creative ideas with the world.

janet wilson

Absolutely brilliant :)

Marcie Rhys

OK. Always thought you were the most brilliant designer out there, but now I'm BONDED to you for life (tee hee). If there were a prize for the most creative post in the history of blogdom, you would win! My electrons will be making their way to your site EVERY day now. I can't believe I didn't catch this post yesterday . A day without Betsy is like a day without sunshine. Thank you again for choosing to share your talent with the world!

Rachel P

Oh my word, it just isn't fair how much creativity God has given you, one little person! I want some! Share please...oh wait, that's what you do on your blog every day, isn't it? So THANKS!! :) Now if only I could come up with this stuff on my own! :)

Connie Smith

I just had to leave a comment and let you know how absolutely amazing I think these cards are! I don't know why I missed the 10th but I am sure glad I tracked back. These cards are simply brilliant. Your creative genius amazing me month after month. Thanks for inspiring each and every one of us. I hope PTI realizes what you do for their sales every month. There are numerous months where I have bought every single item from the release, due in part from your projects as well as the other creative goddesses at PTI. Looks like I have another one of those months coming my way tonight, lol! Oh boy, someone better warn the hubby, hehe!

Yolanda R.

I know you are a card artist - but these are some serious out of the box cards. Holy WOW! It is absolutely amazing how you use your supplies and simple techniques to come up with fabulous masterpieces! Bravo!

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