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October 17, 2012


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Maureen L.

What a fantastic way to spread the word! I had 2 cousins who had this horrible disease. One is still with us today but the other lost the battle after fighting for many years.


I have 5 friends who have had this - 3 living today! I totally support this campaign in all ways! thank you!


I totally support this campaign, what a great way to spread the word, my mum is a breast cancer survivor and since her diagnosis, I have been for a mammogram regularly and encouraged all the women in our family to do the same. Thanks for sharing your lovely card!!!

Yvette E

As someone that lived the benefit of early detection I totally support this campaign.
Early detection saves lives and makes a much better outcome.Please get your yearly
mammogram encourage your loved ones to do the same.


how wonderful! impacted my life? surely...with 7 close friends now deceased, it surely has...and 2 others with recent recurrances, I only have one that has survived 6 years...breaks my heart! Please please do not ignore mamograms ladies...this is a bad one...and early treatment can save lives! God Bless all!

Karen Lazar

I have an aunt who is a survivor. Early detection IS so important! Thanks for the chance to win, Betsy!


What a beautiful card. My grandmother had breast cancer many years ago. It does touch all of our lives in some shape or form. Thanks for the chance to win.


my mother had a lumpectomy. thank goodness it was benign. this just goes to show you that body self-awareness can save your life.

Susan Joyce

Love your card Betsy. I have a stamping friend who has had both breasts removed after already having lumps and treatment previously. Unfortunately she is fighting the fight of her life at the moment after being in remission four times. Her Mother also died of Breast Cancer.

June K

Betsy, your card is so pretty. The colors are soft and lovely. I am fortunate that no one in my family has had breast cancer but as I get older my close friends have been impacted by this terrible cancer. I like to be here for them in any way they need me.

Sharon Young

What a fantastic way to spread the word. Lovely card! I am a survivor due to early detection through Mamogram . Let's keep fighting and spreading the word.

Kim Heggins

wow, this is a wonderful way to spread the word about breast cancer, both my mom and aunt are breast cancer survivors. Your card is just so beautiful too.

Kathy V.

What a wonderful idea! And what better way as through stamping. My Mother and 2 of her sisters all had a breast removed and were survisors, although my Mother and 1 aunt are now deceased, it wasn't due to cancer. I have a mammogram every year and have 3 biopsies, fortunantly all were benign. Your card is awesome as usual.

Sue D

Wonderful card--I like the way you stamped the word hope.
Breast cancer has affected so many around me. Some have died and some are survivors. They include both relatives and friends.

Michele M.

What a great way to spread the word! Your card is beautiful and a wonderful way to encourage others. I had an aunt pass away from breast cancer and have seen how it effects not only the person with the cancer but the family and friends also. We all need to work together to keep fighting and spread the word.

Amanda Coleman

Both my mom and BFF from college were diagnosed with breast cancer this year. This cause is very close to my heart!


This campaign is wonderful! My MIL was treated last year and thankfully is healthy now. I am faithful to my once a year mammograms because I do believe that early detection can make a huge difference in outcomes.

Nancy L.

Thank GOD, it hasn't been in my immediate family. But I have known friends. So sad.
Beautiful card!


I lost an aunt, to whom I was very close, to breast cancer. It's a tragic disease.

Jackie Lic

I have two close friends and a cousin who have all survived this disease for more than 10 years. I also have another friend who lost her battle a year ago, way to young. My way of helping them through their battle was to send them a card everytime they went for another treatment. My girlfriend made a collage of all my cards. It hangs in her bedroom.

Dana W

Gorgeous card!! I've already ordered the set, waiting for it to arrive!! :)

Miriam Prantner

We have had several family friends deal with this illness, and members with scares, but thankfully we haven't had to deal with this directly yet!

Kim H

my mother-in-laws mother died of breast cancer when she was a little girl, she gets checked every 6 months. self examines and regular screenings can make a huge difference.

Amy #8546

Beautiful card. I love that you over lapped the sentiments. I havent dealt with Breast cancer on a personal level. My mother and grandma gave us a scare a time or two. But this is something that is still dear to my heart. My family this year has joined in with the Susan G Komen walk in TN. My mother in law's Harley motorcycle was used in the event as her custom paint matched the event. We were proud to help and join in for the support.

Cindy Holshouser

I have known two people that fought the battle - one conquered and one did not. This is a great cause.

Stephanie G.

my mom is a breast cancer survivor since 2005. so this campaign is close to my heart. just ordered the stamp set from a muse studio.

Sarah Jay

My mother-in-law has been fighting this for the last 8 years. She runs an annual family golf tournament to raise donations for the cause and has kept at it, even during the worst of her chemotherapy. Her strength amazes me.


This is a lovely card Betsy! Three of my Best Friends are Breast Cancer survivors!! I was honored to be able to take them to their treatments! I know they would do the same for me!! I sent away for the "Fight like a Girl" stamp set and would love to win this to use too!! Thank you for supporting this important campaign!!

Jennifer T

Beautiful card, Betsy.
My Grandma and Great Grandma both had breast cancer.


Thank you for this offer, Betsy. I have a family history of breast cancer, with 4 members losing their battles. A cousin has been in treatment for it for 25 years. Her spirit and courage are such an inspiration for me. She truly "Fights Like A Girl"!!

Melissa S

Beautiful card. I had a breast cancer scare myself about two years ago. My annual mammogram detected an abnormality, but after a needle biopsy & a surgical biopsy, I was cleared. This has made me a strong proponent of mammograms. I also lost a friend to breast cancer last winter. She was diagnosed several years ago & we thought she had beaten it, but it came back with a vengeance. It is a horrible disease. We all need to be in this fight!

Ruth G

I really love the sublety of the your stamping! I'm sure that whoever receives your card will feel very special!
I have been blessed with very little breast cancer in my family and only one friend needing treatment. My health challenges are in the realm of high blood pressure/cholesterol (both parents) and autism (my son is mildly autistic.) It all balances out, I guess.
Thanks so much for sharing!

Jennifer Scull

what a wonderful card and such a fabulous cause!

how has breast cancer affected me? well I was diagnosed in Feb. this year and will be going through treatment through the end of this year. hopefully I will be finished as we start 2013. I have a rather rare and agressive form of breast cancer. my friends and family have been such a tremendous support for me, as has the crafting community.

Elizabeth S.

Breast cancer has had a big impact in my life. I lost a sister 31 years ago to this disease and another sister just beat it. I have a aunt, niece and mother-in-law who beat it. Just a couple of months ago a sister-in-law past away from it. So needless to say it has been impacting our family for some time now so I do whatever I can to do to fight for a cure.

Sandy Kay

This is such a wonderful campaign that Amuse is doing - I applaud them for it! My daughter's neighbor and good friend lost her life to breast cancer at age 35. We must continue fight this ugly disease!

Rebecca Lovell

This is amazing! What a great thing for A muse to do!! My aunt had to have a double mastectomy due to breast cancer - I keep thinking it will affect one of my sisters or me at some point. I'm praying it doesn't.

Lisa L. ( Lisa's Creative Niche)

I don't know anyone first hand who has had breast cancer, but a couple of years ago we had a scare with my mom, so ever since then I make sure to do my checks! Beautiful card and thank you!


That card looks awesome, Betsy!
Happy Wednesday!


How wonderful! Great way to get the word out!

My cousin was diagnosed 3years ago and I helped her through it ALL. She was so brave and my hero.

Love how you used the stamps!

Just ordered my set!



What a beautiful and simple card. I have friends and family who have been affected by breast cancer and am currently undergoing biopsys for irregularities found during an annual mammogram. So I know first hand the importance of early detection and education . Thank you and Amuse stamps for this giveaway and for helping to spread the word!


I have a friend, aunt, and sister in law who are survivors. Thanks to early detection. Sn


Lovely card, Betsy! I have aunts and friends who are survivors of breast cancer. And I had a friend who sadly lost her battle against the disease at a very young age, leaving behind a husband and young son. Early detection is so very important.

Wendy Zick

Beautiful card. I have a family member with breast cancer.

Debbie Nelson

I was first diagnosed with Stage IIIB Inflammatory Breast Cancer in July, 1999. After treatment, was clear for ten years, had a recurrence in my bones, beat that, !then last year had a recurrence in my lungs..was sent home on a ventilator with not much, I am once again cancer free...I am a SURVIVOR and urge everyone to never give up their Hope and Faith! God is good and He is good ALL the your beautiful card


My mom is a breast cancer survivor. My sister-in-law sadly was not.


Very pretty!


Your card is so pretty! I love the big pink bow and the way you stamped the saying in different shades of pink! I have several great aunts who were diagnosed with breast cancer and they are all still alive thanks to early detection. Thank goodness for that!


my mom is a survivor and i'm grateful every day to have her still in my life. but so much more needs to be done so others can enjoy their moms!!

Tammy Nyenhuis

I have a friend from work who is a breast cancer survivor. Love your card!

Laurie Kearnes

Love your cards - especially the way you stamped Hope in lighter and darker shades. Three of my mother's sisters have died of breast cancer. She feels like a sitting duck, and of course my sister and I are breast cancer aware for sure. And I spread the word about getting mammograms and doing BSE. So important. Thank you for the chance to win a pink pack.


As the proud daughter and grand-daughter of breast cancer survivors, the disease has made me realize that a woman is more than the sum of her parts! We should be open and willing to talk about cancer and encourage our sisters, friends, daughters, mothers etc to self check!!!!


My mother, sister & I are all breast cancer survivors, so this cause is near and dear to our hearts. We also have friends who have dealt with breast cancer; unfortunately, some have died from it, but treatment options are improving each day. I'm not a "pink person" for the most part, but gladly wear my pink survivor shirt in each Race for the Cure. I'll be getting my stamp set when I'm done hopping, as I know others who are also facing breast cancer. Thanks to the Go-To Gals and A Muse for supporting this worthy campaign to educate and inspire. Your card is absolutely lovely. I love the Go-To Gal hops!

Simply Sandy

This blog hop is awesome. Being diagnosed at the age of 32 ~ 14 years ago..yes you read that right I am a 14 year breast cancer survivor. My son was only 1 1/2 years old when I was diagnosed. Stamping and scrapbooking helped me to get through my chemo treatments and the emotional support that I needed. It was really an emotional battle wondering if you would see your child grow up. I'm happy to say that 14 years later I am still cancer free. I'm living on the wild side now teaching that child to drive. I've learned to not care what my hair looks like and to let the housework pile up so I can enjoy the important and meaningful things of life. Thank you so much for your support in fighting this battle. Fight like a stamping girl!

Lisa D.

Great way to spread the word. I have an aunt and a friend who've survived breast cancer but I've also lost a grandmother, another aunt and an acquaintance to this devasting disease. Your card is a nice slice of inspiratiion.

Barbara Martin

My mother is a breast cancer survivor (and more recently, a uterine cancer survivor - she's a fighter!). The older I get, the more friends I have that are affected by breast cancer - I am thankful that most of them are survivors and hope that someday, none will be lost.

Diane Hover

I could go on and on of breast cancer stories in my life...from my sister that had it last year to a friend who has been cancer free for over 20 years to a sisterinlaw that passed away from it leaving 3 small children....I sure wish they could find a cause and mostly a cure for this disease that seems to be everywhere...thanks for the hop!!

Kim Ross

What a pretty card! My mom's mom (we called her "Granny") was a breast cancer survivor. She received treatment and lived a long, full life afterward. Other friends of mine now are fighting the disease. I turned 40 this year and will be having my first mammogram soon.

Carol MJS

I think this is a wonderful campaign. I am a Breast Cancer survivor, so I guess you could say that I think pink everyday! It has been 12 years last month since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My tumor was found during a routine mammogram and within a week I was in hospital for a lumpectomy. Within 6 weeks I was undergoing chemotherapy and the following May, I had a mastectomy. I followed that up with 10 years of anti-cancer drugs. I wake up every day happy to be alive and know that cancer research had a huge impact on my life.

Nance in Reno

Right now I am heading up a "Casserole Brigade" for two women in our church undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Karen R

My aunt was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer a few years ago. She had a mastectomy and then chem and radiation. Despite the aggressive treatment, she succembed to the disease just a year or so later, as the cancer had spread so quickly.
Additionally, just over a year ago my dear friend was diagnosed. I't was one of her worst fears realized as her mother had had it as well. Her cancer was caught very early and she underwent a lumpectomy and then an experimental treatment as well. She never missed a day of work and she is now cancer free! Hooray!
I try to send cards to my girlfriends each October reminding them to do self exams and mamograms in order to 'Save the Ta-tas'! This year, I'm sending them each a pack of pink Tic-Tacs as a portion of the proceeds go to the Susan G. Koman Foundation.

Joyce Mehrberg

I have had friends and relatives with this terrible disease. They are all fighters.


I think too many of us have some connection with breast cousin came through her bout with it with flying colors! Yay!

Jen shears

What a lovely card. I've requested my set- sad that we have so many occasions to use a set like this! Thank you for the chance at the matching supplies!

Carla Mayfield

Your card is just beautiful! Thanks for spreading the word!

Kim Faucher

Always a wonderful cause. I lost my mother to breast cancer. Its something I think of and advocate for everyday but especially in October as I see all the pink... Thanks for spreading the word!

Dawn RI

I personally havent known anyone who has had breast cancer, but my father died of lung cancer.
Cancer of any kind needs early detection. Its the awareness thats important. Thank you for your help for the cause.

Nita K.

Love the card! My mother-in-law and a few co-workers have all battled breast cancer. This is a great way to support the cause.

Kathy Mc

Beautiful card, Betsy, and what a sweet way to show support for this nasty disease. It's a great Blog Hop and an ideal way to promote awareness. My hairdresser/dear friend is a survivor, and I was so thankful to be there as a supporter for her. Off to finish the hop and order my stamp set!

Susan T

My bestie was just diagnosed with stage 4. This awareness and the chance to stamp out a cure is huge for me. Thanks for asking.

Carrie T

My husband's grandmother, mother, and sister have all had breast cancer. His grandmother was a survivor, his sister is a survivor, but we lost his mother 4 months after our daughter was born. I pray each day that my daughter is spared this particular family trait, and I hope that a cure is found soon.

Janet (Jarie)

I saw this stamp set advertised on FB this week and ordered it.

I've had a cousin that has survived breast cancer. I have a co-worker is in the process of starting her first chemo treatment. I have another co-worker whose daughter just got diagnosed a week and a half ago.

Thanks for the offer of the goodies.



Thanks for the info on this stamp set. I just ordered one. Monday I am having a stereotactic biopsy to investigate what we hope are calicifications that are nothing. It's nice of you to spread the word and share this great prize!

RJ Higgins

My dear friend Sue was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago. Had treatment & is still doing well!

Denise Bryant

Beautiful card!
I had quite a scare a few years back and was going in for a biopsy of a lump in my breast. Everything turned out fine, but it was really scary.

Winnie Dolderer

I dread the word cancer as I lost my hubby to it and now have a 8 year old nephew who is battling cancer for the past two years. Dread fills me when I hear it. I lost a good friend to breast cancer last year. Thanks to AMUSE for the stamp set and for getting the word out, and thank you for the chance to win as well. We are all winners for doing out part to rid the world of this dreaded disease.


That's so great to support such a wonderful cause! Love the card!

Brenda Lee

I just realized that I missed the blog hop, but wanted to comment on your gorgeous card and to thank you for spreading the word about Breast Cancer. :)

Cathy Weber

I know that I am very fortunate as I only know one person who has had breast cancer and she is doing very well for many years. She was fortunate to find it in the very early stage. Mammograms are so important!


Thank you for spreading the word about Breast Cancer. :)I think it's so great to support such a wonderful cause! Love the card!

Kelly Schirmer

My friend was in her early 20's when her Mom passed away after fighting breast cancer. I know she misses her mother terribly as they were the best of friends. Whenever I see a pink ribbon, I think of Michele and Peggy. Thanks to A Muse, and to YOU for bringing attention to this cause with your beautiful cards!

Teresa K

I sadly just lost a dear friend to breast cancer a little over a week ago. My MIL also lost her battle. I have a sister in law who is doing well after her fight.
We need to find a cure!
I am waiting for my stamp set to arrive!

Celebrities with Cancer

Nice posting and decent way to express your thoughts and thanks for sharing.

Types of Cancer

I have a friend from work who is a breast cancer survivor. Love your card!

Kim P.

My mom and aunt are both breast cancer survivors and this will be the 2nd year I will be doing a breast walk in their honor.

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