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July 21, 2012


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 Becky Green

SWEET card Betsy!!!!!!!!!!! I've learned about the "rule of thirds!" I've heard it before, but no one explained it like you've done! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
(Makes me want YOU to give a little lesson in Card Design/Sketches, & how it's done! Is that possible????) Thanks Betsy! :)

Nadine (wahinelei)

Thank you for the detailed explanation! Having you explain your design process step-by-step makes it much easier for me to use it on my own cards. I've learned that I need to work on bringing more of a focus to my cards!


What a "sweet rendition" of her card! I appreciate your thought process explained on this card. Great job!

kirsty vittetoe

Oh Thanks Betsy, I love the wonderful touches you added, really really sweet to add colors and the used of patterned paper is awesome, thanks for the tips!!!!!!

Jeannie L

Love the touches you made to this card. I've not inked this set yet and will try what you did. Thanks for the thought process and explanation.

Marcie Rhys

You are such a fabulous teacher! Your description of what worked (and didn't) coupled with your overall appreciation for the potential of the design, not only highlights your artistic and verbal skills, but showcases what a genuinely lovely person you are. It just doesn't get any better. Thank you!

Gretchen Wilson

Thanks Becky for all the wonderful ideas. This have been great.


beautiful, Betsy!

Nancy Penir

Wow! So much instruction in one lesson.
Thank you for the 'wisdom' you passed along.
My notes are overflowing!

Jennifer K

Thank you so much for explaining why you chose the things you did - it helped me learn and understand the design rules better and what to try when something isn't looking right. You've worked so hard for SAF and I want to make sure you understand how very appreciative and grateful I am for that - and for all the design team's work. It truly made it a very special day. Next time maybe you can join us Iowa girls. :)

Ohhh Snap

I'm still catching up with everything Stamp-A-Faire. I love what you did with the card and that you explained what you did. Thanks for sharing!

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